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Stop Smoking

Ways for You to Stop Smoking Today


It can be very, very hard to quit smoking. No one disputes that. If you are trying to quit smoking, that is a courageous choice. This article provides some good tips for helping you to give up your cigarettes. Keep reading.

1. Make a decision that you will stop smoking. Committing to quitting can be the most important step in stopping completely. You have to make a clear, final decision that you will no longer smoke. You have to be clear about what that means, and about how you will handle temptations and cravings. When you decide to quit, mean it. Don't be swayed by stories of how hard it is to quit; concentrate on what you intend to do and stay focused. That in itself will make it much easier for you.

2. Formulate a quitting plan. Choose a method to stop smoking. Will you see a doctor and use prescribed medication? Will you try the patch? Are you going to buy an electronic cigarette? Determine which tool you will try first, and give it time to work. Don't wait one day and decide that it's not working. If one method seems to be inconsequential, move on to another choice. Don't stop until you get a hold of something that helps you stop, once and for all.

3. Determine your motivation for giving up cigarettes. Is it your children? Is it your health? Is it that you are tired of having to go outside to smoke? Whatever your reason for giving up smoking, you have to hold tight to that reason. When you are being tempted, think of your motivation. When it gets hard and you just want one cigarette, think about your motivation for quitting. You will find it is easier to resist cigarettes when you have good reasons to do so.

4. Associate yourself with people who have been where you are. By joining any kind of support group, you make it more possible for you to stop smoking. Those who have been where you are can give you the support and advice you need to keep going. If you don't feel like going to meetings, hop online and join a support forum. There are many to choose from, so you can find a group of people who will really help you.

5. Remember why you are doing all of this. What motivated you to quit in the first place? There are a lot of reasons for quitting, and whatever your reason is, it is a good one. Every time you get the urge to take a puff of a cigarette, remember the reason that smoking is just not a good fit for you anymore. Remind yourself why you are stopping.

It can be very, very difficult to stop smoking. After all, it is an addictive habit. But you can make it through this time. All you have to do is to keep the tips in this article firmly in your mind. Keep your eyes on your goal and you will be successful.