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Stop Smoking

Use These Easy Steps to Help You Quit Smoking


Smoking is a terrible habit that is very difficult to stop.You might have even tried to quit unsuccessfully before. However if you truly want to give it up, here are some easy things you can try to quit cigarette smoking.

Make the decision to stop smoking. A lot of times people who want to stop smoking just say that they want to stop smoking. They never actually get around to quitting. Make a distinct decision that you will no longer smoke. That can be the first step you make for your health; just decide that you are not going to entertain tobacco anymore.

Start reading all of the literature about how bad tobacco is for you. Once you decide that you're not going to smoke anymore, you can be supported in that decision by learning about how bad smoking is. When you read this information from your new "quitter perspective", you will understand why it's important for you to stay committed to not smoking any longer.

Join a support group or an Internet forum. When you going to a group like this, you can get tips and advice from people who know firsthand what it's like to quit smoking. This kind of support is extremely helpful for the times when you have cravings. The people in your support group will know what you're going through, and will have ideas for what you can do just to not fall victim to those cravings.

Put yourself in an environment that does not involve smoking. This may mean you need to change your behavior for a little while. If you always smoke when you go out drinking, don't go drinking for a while. Surround yourself with an environment that has nothing to do with smoking. Hang out with people who don't smoke. That is not to say that you will never go back to your old haunts or talk to your old friends again, you just need a period of time away to kick your habit first.

Take up a new hobby. Distracting yourself in this way you will not have time to think about smoking, since your mind will be busy thinking about the new hobby that you're doing. Remember, all that money you spent on cigarettes can now be used to invest that money into your new hobby.

Constantly refer to your reasons that you don't want to smoke anymore. Perhaps you no longer want to smoke because of your children. Perhaps you no longer want to smoke because of your health. Those reasons can help you stay focused even when you have cravings. Refer back to the reasons if you don't want to smoke anymore, and they will help you to stay on track when you feel weak.

It is very hard to stop smoking. However, you can do it when you use the information laid out here. You'll see how much healthier you feel, and you will know that you made the right choice in your life and will be better for it.