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Tips To Help You Kick Your Smoking Habit Once And For All


Quitting smoking is extremely difficult, and while one method may work well for one person, it might not necessarily have the same results for you. There are many different methods available to help you quit smoking, and the key is finding which one will work best for you in the short and long term. This article will give you some great ideas to assist you in your journey to quit smoking by helping you to choose a method that will work best for you.

Quitting cold turkey is a method that really does work for some people. If you are tired of smoking but do not want any assistance, then quitting cold turkey might just work for you. The reason that this method does not work for everyone is that it takes a lot of self-discipline and the withdrawals can be hard. If you have the willpower to throw out your cigarettes and simply stop smoking for good, then you may find this method successful.

If you have put down your cigarettes but are still having trouble with cravings from time to time, nicotine gum might be a good answer for you. Nicotine gum is readily available at most retailers and does not require a prescription. Chewing a piece of nicotine gum might be just what you need to help you get through your craving without caving for a cigarette.

Many people find success with using nicotine patches when they are trying to stop smoking. Nicotine patches are worn on different parts of the body, such as your arm, shoulder, or hip, and release nicotine into your body helping you to avoid cravings. Nicotine patches can be purchased at most pharmacies and do not require a prescription, although you must be at least 18 years old to purchase them. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of the patches, and there are different programs that help you to cover the cost as long as you have a desire to quit.

Talking to your doctor about your desire to quit smoking can be a great resource. Your doctor can prescribe medications that can help you quit and increase your chances of remaining smoke-free. Your doctor can also tell you exactly how smoking has impacted your body and report on your overall health to help motivate you.

If you were an alcoholic you would naturally stay away from bars, and the same holds true for smokers. If you are trying to stop smoking, distancing yourself from situations that you are prone to smoke in is essential. Stay away from alcohol since it can cloud your judgement and lead you to caving to your cravings. Stay inside or take a quick walk on your break at work instead of going out with the smokers. Explain to your coworkers that you are trying to stop smoking and not to take it personally. If there are other smokers who live in your home, ask that they only smoke outside to keep you from triggering a craving.

Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult, but luckily there are many different tools available to assist you in your quest. Now that you have learned about some of the different methods out there you can better choose one that works for you. You have already taken the first step by reading this article, therefore you are one step closer to living a smoke-free life.