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Giving up your nicotine habit can be extremely difficult. Do not face this fight alone. Implement these effective methods for permanent smoking cessation.

When you have an extremely powerful reason to quit smoking, you are more likely to succeed. Consider your health first. As soon as you stop smoking, the cells in your lungs begin to repair themselves. A short-term smoker has less of a chance of developing lung cancer than does a long-term smoker. Smoking cigarettes for many years can lead to COPD, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer. Consider your family too. Secondhand smoke is just as deadly as firsthand smoke. The early onset of a serious disease or early death can leave your children and grandchildren without you.

Although quitting cold turkey can work for some people, it is counterproductive for others. A sudden cessation of nicotine, giving up the other substances in cigarettes and the loss of a regular habit can make you grumpy, angry or depressed. If you slowly decrease your nicotine intake, your body will have time to adjust. By the time you go completely nicotine-free, your body will have adjusted.

A variety of medications are available to help you stop smoking. Smoking cessation aids are available in many forms. Some of the most popular forms include patches, gums and pills. It is extremely important that you do not smoke while using stop smoking aids that contain nicotine. Too much nicotine could get into your system and cause a serious medical condition.

Many smokers consider smoking a cigarette a stress reliever. However, there are healthier ways to release tension. Regular exercise, especially yoga and running are beneficial in relieving tension. You can meditate to reduce stress or get a massage to relax your muscles. Consider trying several types of stress relief during the first couple of weeks after you try to quit smoking.

Thoroughly clean your house to remove the smell of smoke in your home. You may not notice the smell while you are a smoker, but once you quit for good, the smell will become more apparent. Replace your air conditioner vents and have your carpet steam cleaned. The smell of smoke is particularly strong in fabrics so you should launder all your clothing window coverings, bedding and towels. It may be difficult to get rid of the smell completely if you have routinely smoked in your home.

Most people are not successful the first time they try to quit. Regardless of how strong your motivation is, remember that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you will ever do. If you have a relapse, learn from your mistakes and try to quit again. You may need to try a different method for quitting or perhaps you should consult your doctor about alternative medications to aid in the quitting process. Living a healthier lifestyle free from cigarette smoking is definitely worth the fight.

Quitting smoking is not easy, but it can be done. Medication and healthy changes can make quitting easier and permanent. The quality of your life will improve once you succeed in quitting cigarette smoking.