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Stop Smoking For Real With These Tips


Quitting smoking is what every smoker wishes to do, so it's no different for you. It is indeed harder to stop smoking than it is to stop using heroin. Continue reading to find out helpful advice for quitting smoking once and for all.

Make sure you talk to your doctor. Whenever you're attempting to do something, it's important that you pull out all the stops. That should definitely happen in this case and includes speaking with your doctor. There are prescription medications that can help you stop smoking. Your doctor can also motivate you as he or she will know important information regarding quitting smoking.

You should make a list of all the different ways you know to quit. This will be very helpful because you can weigh different options and see what you would like to do. You can also choose to do more than one of the options, and come up with a collaborative effort to help you have a better fighting chance at quitting.

Try one of the ways to quit smoking. If you've devised a plan to quit and it incorporates more than one way to help you quit smoking, then go with that. However, the important thing is to give it a shot. If you don't succeed, pick up and try again. You can do it, and you just have to use your determination and will to keep trying.

Keep track of how many days you quit before a relapse occurs. If a relapse doesn't occur, then you have succeeded! If a relapse does occur, record the information and try to stop again. Try a different method next time, or you can try the same one again if you think you can do it.

Trying a different method might actually help you find yourself more successful. As you try various methods to help you quit smoking, you will notice which ones are more effective for you personally. You will also better be able to tell what you should do differently in order to help yourself succeed.

Make sure you try and beat what you did previously. In other words, recording how you're doing really helps track your progress as you strive to do better next time. It shows you where you've been, and it helps motivate you towards where you want to go.

Make sure you continue to record in your journal what is happening. Keep trying, and if you relapse, start over again. Don't give up, and keep yourself motivated. While quitting smoking is difficult, with discipline, your journal and helpful strategies, you can find that you become an ex-smoker in no time.

When you can track your progress, and you notice longer periods of quitting without a relapse period, you can tell that you're getting closer and closer to permanently quitting smoking for good. Keep the tips in mind that you've read here, and use your full arsenal against the idea of picking up another cigarette again. You can do it!