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Simple Steps To Quit Smoking


When you read the title of this article you probably felt a little angry. You may have wondered why someone would use the word "simple" when it is far from easy to stop smoking. The reason is that the steps here are not very complicated. They are simple and they are effective if someone really wants to stop. While this is a difficult thing to do, the advice given here should make it a little less grueling.

Set a date, and make sure that you stick with that date. Tomorrow is not a valid date, so do not continuously tell yourself that this is when you plan to quit smoking. People tend to put things off so much that they never get around to doing them. You do not want this to happen to this particular goal since your health depends on it. Be realistic and try choosing a date to work toward. Quitting when you are not ready will only increase your chances of going back.

Pinpoint the times when you tend to smoke the most and try to avoid those activities that trigger you to light up. This is not always easy since some triggers are unavoidable. For example, many people have family stress that makes them reach for the smokes. You cannot really escape your family, so it may be a good idea to find something else to do when you are experiencing stress. Make sure you do not replace this addiction with another, and you choose a productive substitute.

Avoid activities that lead you to smoking. This is a bit different than avoiding triggers since sometimes there is no stress involved. Some people do not smoke much unless they go to a bar. This means that someone like this should probably stay away from the bar if their plan is to quit smoking. This may be difficult because you enjoy a lot of these activities, but until you quit and have no more cravings, you should avoid these places.

Let everyone around you know that you are planning to quit. This is great for two reasons. The first is that people will stop offering you cigarettes and they may stop smoking in your presence. The other is that you may stay on track to avoid letting anyone down. For many people, it is much easier to stick with a plan when you consider the feelings of more people than just yourself. if someone tries to pressure you into smoking despite the fact you told them you are quitting, it is clear that this person does not have your best interest at heart.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not let a setback stop you from reaching your goal. Sometimes it takes several tries before you are able to completely purge cigarettes out of your life. This is a long journey and you have to make sure you are ready before you get started. Use the tips above to help you stay on the right path.