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Seven Tips To Help In Your First Week Of Quitting Smoking


So, you've decided to quit smoking, great! There is a tough road ahead of you, but you can do it! Read over the following tips that can help you get through the hardest part of the battle: the beginning of it!

1. Drink lots of healthy beverages. This can help you avoid the dreaded weight gain associated with quitting, as well as start flushing years of toxins out of your body. Use water, juice and green tea. Avoid coffee, soda and alcohol at all costs!

2. Start a healthy exercise routine. This too will help work the nicotine out of your system and keep the pounds off! Regular exercise will also help you begin to forge new habits and a different schedule to your life. Having the healthier mindset of someone who commits to exercise will reinforce your decision to become a non-smoker. Start small or use the advice of your physician to make sure your plan for working out is not too hard on your body.

3. Skip the junk foods. Although it may be tempting to use the logic that since you've given up smoking, you owe yourself a few treats, this will be very counter-productive. Such foods will quickly pack the pounds on and maybe cause you to regret the fact that you ever quit smoking! Eat carrots or sugar-free mints and try eating more frequent meals in smaller proportions throughput the day.

4. Add breathing to your list of exercises! Deep intentional breathing is healthy for anyone, but as a non-smoker, you've got some extra internal cleansing to do. Slowly take air in through your nose, hold it momentarily, then let it out in a controlled manner through your mouth. This is cleansing and strengthening and will help your respiratory system return to that of a normal human being.

5. Get plenty of high-quality sleep. You need rest going through withdrawal and a few naps or sleeping in an extra hour will boost your energy levels as well. Even if you don't fall asleep, use the resting time to meditate and visualize yourself as a non-smoker.

6. Mix-up your habits and routines. Avoid driving by that store where you always buy smokes and find something else to do during breaks and lunch at work. Don't hang out with people who smoke, no matter if it's your mom or sibling, at least until you know you have total control over the urge to smoke!

7. Handle stress right away. Don't wait until you're pulling your hair out and ready to explode before addressing the stress in your life, that could lead to a break down of will power and lighting up! Take hot showers, get massages, try yoga and anything else that will help ease your mind and melt away stress. Such practices are good zen in life anyway and you can learn to lean on them whenever you feel overwhelmed or the urge to do you-know-what again.

Once you get over the first week or so, it will get easier. Although you may go the rest of your life wanting a cigarette, you know you will resist! You know you can remain committed to staying smoke-free and fight the power cigarettes once had over you.