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Stop Smoking

Pull Out All The Stops Between You And Tobacco Freedom


If you are truly wanting to give up cigarettes for once and for all, do not spend another moment thinking or planning. Read this article for all your options, and then plow through them one by one until you find the strategy that leaves you free from nicotine addiction for once and for all.

Schedule a consultation with your physician. Your doctor has nonsmokers, smokers and exsmokers all within their patient group. No one is going to be more knowledgeable about what you can do to quit smoking. They will have ideas and access to resources and knowledge you might never have dreamed of. Start with them, and you might just be on the path to success right away.

Identify an oral substitute for cigarettes. Your mouth will crave the feeling of something between your lips dozens of times a day for a few weeks. Anything from toothpicks to Twizzlers are good options. Just find one that works for you. Even sucking on ice cubes might be surprisingly effective.

Do not laugh at gum. Nicotine replacement gums can help you break the cigarette habit before you deal with the nicotine addiction, making your quitting process a more manageable two step journey. Non-nicotine gums can make good cigarette substitutes after meals, and some of them might even help start cleaning your teeth.

Try the patch. Just like mentioned in the last paragraph about nicotine gums, the patch can help ween you off nicotine slowly while you concentrate on your habit. Chances are, you will break off the habit for good long time before you get through the three month schedule the patches list. Nicotine replacement therapies are now also available as throat lozenges.

Consider starting massage therapy. You are going to need some vice or outlet for the stress previously released by cigarettes, and regular massage work can possibly provide that angle. Even if you do not commit to it forever, a few well-timed massages can help you rid your body of the tension that quitting is likely to instill.

Yoga, tai chi and pilates are also good ways to rid your body of the tension that cigarettes used to relax out of you. An additional benefit is the breathwork that comes with these disciplines, as you literally have to learn new ways of breathing.

Prescription drugs are a booming front that feature many options that have allowed many individuals to join the ranks of being ex-smokers. Certain medications deal directly with blocking nicotine receptors to tackle the addiction, while other antidepressants are known to reduce the habit of smoking.

Have a support group. It might just be one person you trust, or you might find meetings to go to. You are used to venting your emotions with your fellow smokers, but now that is not possible. Even this aspect of smoking needs substitution too.

Consider blogging about your ordeal. In this age of information and social media, it is easy to come up with your own fan club online that cheers you through your trials and tribulations.

When the time comes for you to quit smoking, you already know a few ways to do it. But, rather than trying them out individually, why not throw in the kitchen sink? Get it done for once and for all.