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How To Quit Cold Turkey


Do you wish to quit smoking cold turkey? This method is efficient but you need to be prepared. Go over this article for some useful tips.

Motivation is very important if you want to quit smoking overnight. You should make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and always keep with you. If you have any other bad habits, you should consider giving them up to so you can completely transform your lifestyle. Focus on thinking positively, remind yourself why you need to quit and think of all the advantages of not being a smoker. You can also keep yourself motivated by using the money you are saving to treat yourself to something nice.

Have a last cigarette and get rid of your pack. After that point, you need to avoid any kind of exposure to cigarette smoke. If possible, avoid going to places where you usually buy cigarettes so you are not tempted. If you live with smokers, ask them to go outside and use some air freshener to mask the smell. If you are exposed to cigarette smoke, you will probably crave a cigarette very badly. Ask everyone around you to be careful and support your efforts by not smoking near you.

Most smokers are used to have cigarettes in certain circumstances, for instance directly after meals or during their breaks at work. Find something else to do during your breaks and avoid situations or places in which you usually smoke. You could for instance have some candy after a meal instead of smoking and staying away from the designated smoking areas. You should also find new activities you can do with your friends to avoid places where you will be tempted to smoke.

The cravings you experience after quitting are caused by the presence of toxins in your body. The cravings will disappear if you focus on eliminating toxins. Work on reducing the amount of toxins you expose your body to by avoiding alcohol, caffeine and junk food. You should also work on getting rid of the toxins presently stored in your body by hydrating and sweating as much as possible. Work out several times a week and go to a sauna for thirty minutes sessions at least twice a week. You will feel a lot more relaxed once you eliminate toxins from your system.

Stress management is very important. Resisting the cravings you will experience requires you to always remain in control and know how to relax. You should start with basic breathing exercises; when you feel stressed or crave a cigarette, sit in a comfortable positive, close your eyes and breath deeply. You should also look into medication or relaxation techniques to fight your stress. Meet with a counselor if you need help with managing your stress.

These tips will help you quit cold turkey, but remember there is no reason to feel bad about yourself if you cannot resist having a cigarette, as long as you focus on your efforts again. Quitting cold turkey is not for everyone, you should consider other options.