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How To Make Sure You Don't Gain Weight When You Stop Smoking


One of the things that seems to bother people who want to stop smoking is that they are afraid of gaining weight. Weight loss is a huge issue in this country, and a full third of the population is obese. However, that is not a good reason to keep smoking. Smoking can cause significant health problems that you don't want to deal with. Therefore, this article will help you to handle your weight so that you no longer use that as an excuse to keep smoking.

Drink much more water than you're used to drinking. Most people don't drink enough water as it is, but the truth is that you need at least eight to 10 glasses of clean water every day. Anyone who drinks the proper amount of water knows how much better they feel, but as a smoker, you will notice that water cleans out your system and helps you eliminate the toxins you have put in there. Not only that, but another side effect of quitting is sometimes constipation. If you are drinking enough water, you will have less of a problem with that than others might.

2. When you have a craving, think about healthy snacks. The snacks most people suggest are vegetables, but you can also have cheese, fruit and other foods around for when you start to feel hungry. You can even satisfy a sweet tooth by using sugar-free gum every time you start wanting a cigarette. If you nibble on a carrot or a piece of gum when you feel the urge to puff a cigarette, you will soon notice you care about cigarettes less.

3. Adopt an exercise routine. Sweat can also help you eliminate toxins, so it is a great idea for anyone who wants to stop smoking. When you get into the new habit of exercise, you just feel healthier. That also helps you to cut down on the pounds and allows you a new focus. Instead of focusing all your time on smoking, you will find that your new body is certainly worth getting rid of the cigarettes.

4. Think about what you're putting in your mouth. When you are conscious about what you're eating, you can make better choices about the food you want to eat. Realize that quitting does not give you the opportunity to simply pig out. Know what you need to eat in order to maintain your weight or lose it, depending on your goals. You should be able to find a calorie calculator anywhere online so you are aware of how much you should be eating.

5. Do something physical and fun. Take up hiking. Get a dog and play with him. Start going out dancing every week. Any new physical activity is going to be fun, and if you can do it without cigarettes, that's even better. You may need to avoid a few activities if they are ones that you identify with smoking; for example, if you go to the club and usually smoke, you may need to avoid the club for some time until you have a better handle on your cravings.

Now that you have read this article, hopefully you feel more confident that you won't gain too much weight if you quit, so stop smoking today!