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Stop Smoking

How To Finally Conquer The Smoking Habit


Cessation of smoking is a goal of most smokers. In truth, it is harder to quit smoking than some heavier drugs. Read this article thoroughly to gain some knowledge and power to help you finally end that nasty habit.

First things first, discuss a smoking cessation regimen with your doctor. The doctor may be able to prescribe you medications to help. There are medications like Chantix that are specifically designed to help with smoking cessation. Some antidepressants, such as Wellbutrin, have an off label version for quitting smoking that has shown some clinical efficacy. Doctors are also walking encyclopedias sometimes. Perhaps your doctor will have the tip or insight that will help you reach your goal.

Next make an extensive list of all the different ways to quit. Whether this is sucking on a lollipop when you have a cigarette craving, smoking an electronic cigarette, cold turkey or prescription medication assistance, write it down. This will help ensure that if one method fails, you will not feel like all is lost. Rather, you can simply pick up the next method and give it a try. By time you have tried everything, you might have actually exhausted a year and perhaps smoke free by then.

Sometimes you may not know all the ways available. Do some research online or even talk to some friends who have some experience with quitting smoking. They may give you that one extra way you need to know to win your battle against cigarettes.

You will want to keep track of how many days you can make it before you fall off the wagon and have a cigarette. Sometimes it may be only a few days, and other times it may be several weeks or even months in between relapses. Each time however, you provide more and more empirical evidence to yourself that you are indeed capable of quitting the habit.

The most important thing is not to give up. You are bound to fall off the wagon. Quitting smoking is certainly a challenge. But there are many different tools and techniques that can help you accomplish your goal.

Keeping track of how many days you survive before a relapse has another purpose. You can challenge yourself to beat your own records. Remember playing pinball as a kid? You would continuously play until you beat your previous record. Look at quitting smoking like this. If you made it seven days last time, shoot for eight this time. With each new record you will be distancing yourself further and further from the need for a cigarette until finally, once and for all, you have successfully kicked the habit.

The longer you are able to go without a cigarette the closer you will be to finishing the goal of smoking cessation. Whether you arrange it as a game, a personal competition or you simply dump your cigarettes down the toilet is irrelevant. However you do it, just do it. You will be so glad you did.