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Stop Smoking

Five Tips To Help You Quit Smoking


Do you wish to get rid of your nicotine addiction for good? This article is filled with useful tips that will help you quit smoking.

Once you are ready to quit, you should clean your home. Get rid of ashtrays and vacuum every room carefully. You will not be tempted to smoke at home if the smell of tobacco is gone. If you need to have a cigarette because cravings are more than you can handle, go outside to smoke. You should also clean your car and avoid going to place where you usually smoke until you are over your nicotine addiction for good.

Do not feel bad if you give in and have a cigarette. Smoking a cigarette does not mean all your efforts are ruined. Instead of giving up on your program, you should start over again. You will eventually manage to quit if you focus on spending as much time as possible without touching a cigarette. You might only be able to go through a few hours at first, but you will eventually be able to go through a whole day. Before you know it, you will manage to spend an entire week without smoking. At this point, the cravings should be more bearable.

If you decide to quit cold turkey, you can make cravings less intense by doing everything you can to eliminate toxins from your body. You should adopt a healthier lifestyle and be more active. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean meats instead of making bad nutritional choices. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid coffee and alcohol. Exercise regularly and sweat as much as possible.

You can satisfy your cravings by using an alternative to cigarettes. You could, for instance, use some nicotine patches if you experience strong cravings. Nicotine patches will provide you with small doses of nicotine and you will feel sick if you smoke while wearing a patch. This is an efficient method but the constant small doses of nicotine can cause you to feel stressed. You could also try chewing nicotine gum or smoking an e-cigarette to get rid of your cravings.

Find something that will help you stay motivated. Make a list of the reasons why you need to quit smoking and look at this list when you experience cravings. Calculate how much money you will be able to save once you quit smoking. You should set some weekly goals such as reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke or going for an entire day without smoking. Reward yourself when you meet your goals. If you enjoy competition, find a friend who wants to quit too and talk about your progress. You could also join a support group if you need help with quitting. Do not let failures make you feel discouraged; it is important to keep trying until you are successful.

You should apply these tips to quit smoking for good. You will get good results if you stay motivated and keep trying until you are successful.