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Five Approaches To Quitting Smoking Sooner Rather Than Later


You've probably thought about and or tried many ways to stop your habit of smoking. That's no excuse to give up. Learn about new methods of quitting and the latest in gadgetry. Ask your doctor what she knows about quitting and keep yourself in the mind-frame of becoming an ex-smoker. Just don't stop until you find a way that works for you. The following info can help you in your quest.

1. Products made for quitting. Start thinking about how patches, gums and fake cigarettes can help you get over your addiction to cigarettes. You would even be wise to test-drive some of these things prior to your real quit date to get a feel for them and find one that's more suitable to you individually than the others. Ask the pharmacist, your doctor or people you know who have quit what works best and avail yourself to the possibilities.

2. Staying away from smokers and all smoking paraphernalia. Don't tempt fate by exposing yourself to the sights and smells of smoking or anything to do with it. Steer clear of every smoker you know until you have full control over your urges. Destroy and dispose of all smoking-related objects including lighters, ashtrays and even collectibles that feature cigarette company logos.

3. Keeping visible reminders of your reasons for quitting. Particularly if you have children, seeing their images in the place where you usually stash your smokes will make you stop and think before lighting up every time. Write your daughter's name on the pack or tape your son's initials on your lighter. Constantly remind yourself of why you need to quit and who will suffer the most if you're gone.

4. Finding better things to do with your time. Smoking weakens you athletically and keeps you on the sidelines; what more can you be doing in your life without cigarettes? Why not consider taking up jogging or some other strengthening activity to get you fit and keep your mind off smoking? Save the money you would have spent on cigarettes and buy oil paints or parts for that old car you love working on. There are literally countless things you could and should be doing other than smoking.

5. Telling everyone you know you are doing it. Making the major announcement that you're going to quit smoking will have a huge effect on people who care about you. Once you are determined to rid yourself of cigarettes, consider telling all your friends and family members to set yourself up with strong expectations. You will instantly have their support and well wishes, further motivating you to realize the dream of quitting. In fact, the more you simply think the words "I quit smoking." the more your mind will help you out too, with the power of suggestion.

You probably find excuses not to try and quit today. Reasons that convince you to pick up your research on the subject tomorrow or otherwise delay facing this pressing problem. The inherent flaw with procrastination as a smoker though, is that your clock ticks faster. Your time to quit may be limited. Only you won't know that until it's too late. Tick-tock, tick-tock.