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Electronic Cigarettes Benefit Your Pocketbook And Your Health!


If you are trying to lose your nicotine addiction, electronic cigarettes may be the smoking alternative you seek. In this article, we will describe electronic cigarettes and review their many benefits. Read on to find out how electronic cigarettes can bring you freedom from nicotine addiction.

Parts of a 3-piece e-cig are: Atomizer, flavor cartridge, battery.
Parts of a 2-piece e-cig are: Cartomizer (cartridge/atomizer)& battery.

The cartridge or cartridge element of the cartomizer is filled with E-Liquid. This is a liquid made of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin or combination of the two, water, the flavoring of your choice, and the amount of nicotine you choose. A heating coil in the atomizer heats this liquid to form a thick, rich vapor which you inhale just like cigarette smoke.

Electronic cigarettes may help you break your nicotine addiction even if patches, gum and other alternatives have not. The reason for this is that e-cig smoking very closely resembles smoking a tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarettes can be made to look and feel very much like traditional tobacco cigarettes. They deliver an experience that is very similar to smoking and satisfies many of the rituals of that habit.

When you enjoy electronic cigarettes, you choose the amount of nicotine you consume. Generally speaking, electronic cigarette pre-filled cartridges and e-liquids are available in strengths ranging from no nicotine to an amount that many seasoned smokers find quite challenging. You may wish to start out with a very high amount of nicotine as you transition from old fashioned tobacco cigarettes to clean modern electronic cigarettes.

As time passes, you can simply order pre-filled cartridges or e-liquids that offer less and less nicotine until you are finally using an e-liquid that contains no nicotine. At this point, you can begin to transition to wean yourself off the e-cigs, or you can simply continue enjoying your e-cig without the nicotine.

Tobacco cigarettes contain literally thousands of pesticides, chemicals and carcinogens. Electronic cigarettes contain water, food grade propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, food grade flavoring and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Clearly, it is much safer to inhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette than the carcinogenic smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes.

People who switch from old fashioned tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes experience a resurgence of good health. In addition to being safer to consume, electronic cigarettes are safer for your immediate environment, the environment at large and people around you. Electronic cigarettes do not burn and are not a fire hazard. They produce no secondhand smoke. They produce none of the litter associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes (e.g. cigarette butts, ash, discarded cigarette packs, discarded cigarette cartons and carcinogenic smoke).

Electronic cigarettes can be purchased online, in tobacco shops or from stores set up especially for the sale of electronic cigarettes. To get the best quality in electronic cigarettes, seek out the few U.S. based electronic cigarette companies that produce their equipment and e-liquids in the USA using FDA approved ingredients. Look for companies that have a good Better Business Bureau rating and an excellent guarantee.

Remember that even the very best quality electronic cigarettes should save you 50% to 75% in expenses when compared with tobacco cigarettes. If an E-Cig Company sells a product that will end up costing you more than tobacco cigarettes, keep looking until you find the perfect combination of high quality and low price. This is easy to do, and doing so will benefit your pocketbook and your health!