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Stop Smoking

Efficient Tips To Help You Quit Smoking


Are you thinking about quitting smoking? You will succeed if you use efficient methods and prepare yourself. Read this article to learn more about quitting smoking.

If you are not ready to quit cold turkey, try reducing your smoking as much as possible. Count how many cigarettes you usually smoke in a day and try reducing this number. A lot of smokers usually have a cigarette after they eat, when they take a break at work or get in their car. Try getting rid of these habits one at a time. It might take you months of slowly reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day before you are ready to actually quit. If you have been a smoker for most of your life, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about quitting.

Try replacing your cigarettes with a different source of nicotine. You could use nicotine patches, nicotine gums or an e-cigarette. These products will help you satisfy your cravings but you also need to gradually reduce the frequency at which you use these products to get rid of your addiction to nicotine. Talk to your doctor about these alternatives if you want some recommendations. If a product does not work, try a different one or use a different brand.

You should consider using hypnosis to get over your psychological addiction to nicotine. Find some CDs or go to a professional who can hypnotize you and convince you that you do not need cigarettes. You should also look into using relaxation and meditation techniques to fight your cravings. Breathing and visualization exercises should help you relax and forget that you need a cigarette. If you want to explore these techniques further, join a yoga class.

Find a way to remain motivated. You should make a list of the reasons why you want to quit smoking and look at this list when you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette. Focus on going through one day at a time without smoking. If you smoke a cigarette because you cannot take the cravings anymore, this does not mean all your efforts are ruined. You will eventually manage to quit smoking by reducing the amount of nicotine you expose your body to gradually. Eventually you will manage to go through a whole week without smoking or using an alternative.

There are support groups you can turn to if you need help. Ask your doctor about groups in your area or try finding some online communities if you cannot find any groups nearby. Share your tips with other smokers and engage in friendly competition if this helps you remain motivated. You should also talk to your friends and family members to find out if anyone is thinking about quitting smoking. Going through this experience with a friend will be a lot easier.

You will eventually quit smoking if you are patient and motivated. Prepare yourself by reducing your smoking as much as possible and exploring relaxation techniques and alternatives to cigarettes so you are ready to resist withdrawals.