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Stop Smoking

Easy Tips and Tricks to Cut Down on Smoking


If you aren't ready to quit smoking but you're looking to cut down on smoking, there are things you can do. Use the tips and tricks below to see whether they help you reduce your smoking.

Leave less time in the morning before leaving for work so that you limit the number of cigarettes you have before you leave in the morning. Don't smoke on your way to work.

Purchase a hand-held puzzle that you enjoy doing to keep your hands busy at times of day when you might be tempted to have a cigarette.

Try to increase the amount of time between cigarettes just as if you're increasing the amount of time you're exercising, a minute or two at a time. If you find yourself unable to move forward, don't give up.

Keep your cigarettes in a less convenient place so that you have to go up a flight of stairs or into another room to get your cigarettes in order to smoke.

If you have friends who smoke also, try shifting your get-togethers with those friends to places that don't allow smoking so that neither of you can smoke when you get together.

Don't consider every cigarette a defeat, instead consider your smoking of one cigarette as an opportunity not to crave another for a period of time.

Remember that any cigarette can be your last instead of making a resolution to stop smoking on a specific day.

Choose a smoke-free two hours every evening and watch a movie or go to bed earlier to stick to this new smoke-free time of day.

Think about alternatives to smoking before stressful situations so that you can choose a different reaction from smoking during times of stress. For instance, if you receive bad news, decide to go to a restaurant and purchase a beverage to give yourself to process the news. If your children are fighting, have a list of local teenagers whom you can phone to come over and give you a break for an hour or two.

If your job, home or certain people are causing you constant discomfort or stress, it might be time to consider making some big changes. If you decide to make big changes because a situation has become chronically unworkable, your decision should create less stress than choosing to stay in the bad situation.

Try to capitalize on your willingness to try something new by including activities that are pleasant that you'd like to try in addition to trying to discipline yourself into smoking less. Incorporating a new hobby or a new class or even going out to new places in your area to engage with new people can balance out the negative feelings you have about reducing your smoking with the positive feelings you'll likely achieve with new activities.

Cutting down on smoking is a workable step for many people trying to quit smoking. Use the suggestions above to start thinking about easy tips and tricks you can use to reduce how much you smoke.