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Stop Smoking

Different Ways To Quit Smoking


Are you a smoker? It is in your best interest to get rid of this bad habit as soon as you can. You should go over this article to learn more about different ways to quit smoking.

Replacing your cigarettes with another source of nicotine is a great way to cut down on your smoking. You should explore different options such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum or even an e-cigarette. The main advantage of these options is that you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you expose your system to. This is the best way to fight your nicotine addiction if you have been smoking for many years.

Quitting cold turkey is an efficient method if you are not a heavy smoker. If you have been smoking for years and quit cold turkey, you will more than likely experience more stress than you can handle. It is best to cut down on your smoking and prepare yourself by learning efficient stress management techniques before quitting cold turkey. Once you are ready to stop smoking, you should have one last cigarette and avoid any exposure to second hand smoke.

Learn to fight your cravings. Once you quit cold turkey or start reducing your smoking, you will experience severe cravings, especially in situations where you usually have a cigarette. You need to replace smoking with a different habit, for instance eating a piece of sugar free candy. If possible, stay away from places where you usually smoke and be prepared to experience cravings after every meal or whenever you used to smoke. Let your friends know you are trying to quit and ask them not to smoke in front of you or ask you if you would like to go have a cigarette.

Your cravings will disappear after a few weeks if you completely stay away from cigarettes. Smoking a cigarette will cause your body to produce toxins. Once toxins are in your system, you will experience stress and cravings for more nicotine. If you have a cigarette, expect to feel strong cravings within the next couple hours. Be prepared for these cravings and try smoking only half a cigarette or getting a small amount of nicotine from an e-cigarette or a nicotine gum.

Cravings will disappear within less than a week if you do everything you can to eliminate toxins. This means you should not introduce any more toxins into your system by smoking, drinking alcohol or caffeine and eating unhealthy foods. Make some changes to your diet and sweat as much as possible to eliminate toxins from your system. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and find an intensive work out. You could for instance go for a run or ride your bike. If you do not want to exercise, try going to a sauna.

Quitting can be very hard but these tips should help you get rid of this bad habit. Meet with a doctor if these methods do not seem to work or if you cannot handle the stress.