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Answering Your Important Smoking-Related Questions


Before you decide to quit smoking, you probably have a host of questions that you want to ask. This is due to the fact that some people still believe that smoking isn't that hazardous. They put smoking on par with eating red meat or texting while you drive. And some people simply don't know that it will be easy to quit, so they never even try. Asking questions is how you get answers, and there are some great answers in the text below.

Most people start smoking for different reasons, but the one thing all smokers have in common is that they've picked up a severely strong mental habit. Your body doesn't crave just the nicotine per se; there are endless substances that can give you that same effect, such as coffee and chocolate. What your body craves is the ritual. You have developed a routine, and you stick to this routine, increasing its frequency as time goes on.

A lot of smokers are very afraid that they won't be able to handle the stress life delivers if they quit smoking. However, if you truly believe that smoking causes you to ease stress, then you should be able to find the same results by doing things like chewing on gum or a toothpick, picking at your fingernails, sucking your teeth, and other things that are essentially just habits. It's mind over matter.

If you've tried to stop smoking before, then you've probably tried one of two methods: Cold turkey or habit replacement. Both of these methods have a high failure rate, mostly because no serious thought is ever put into gradually morphing one habit into another. This is what you should be focusing on. Taper down from the cigarettes while simultaneously attempting to introduce another habit to keep your brain occupied.

Things like nicotine patches and gum are effective tools to help you replace cigarettes, but they're not very effective tools at helping you forget about them. As long as you're introducing nicotine to your system, your body will seek the most effective and most familiar brand of delivery. So you have to supplement the nicotine products with something else that helps you change habits.

Out of every quit-smoking product on the market, eCigs are held up to be the most effective. However, they're only effective because you're not actually quitting cigarettes! You're just switching to a brand of cigarettes that aren't harming you. You're still "smoking." You're making all the gestures, you're inhaling, and you're "lighting up" multiple times per day. So remember the difference between quitting and switching.

If you've yet to talk about your smoking habits with a doctor, you should do that right away. Of course, most of us know that the doctor is going to suggest you quit smoking. However, the doctor can also make healthy recommendations regarding your methods, your diet, your exercise habits, etc.

The sooner you stop smoking permanently, the better you're going to feel and the healthier you're going to be. If you want to quit, don't wait around. Find answers for those burning questions and make it a reality.