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Stop Smoking

A Helpful Guide Full of Tips For The Person Who Wants To Quit Smoking


Smoking cigarettes is very bad for you overall for many reasons, but many people are just not able to stop smoking. They try, and they fail, and you might be one of those people. Just know that you can quit; it can happen. Continue reading for a helpful guide full of tips for the person who wants to quit smoking.

Should you really try and just quit cold turkey? Well, have you ever tried before? Much of the answer to this question depends on a few things. How many cigarettes do you smoke each day? If you're a heavy smoker, you're not going to want to quit cold turkey. Also, quitting cold turkey gets the job done faster, but are you going to be successful? Quitting smoking is hard, and you should always try to cut back first anyway. If you really want to be successful, your best bet is an all-inclusive plan that involves a few different strategies.

There are many prescription medications that are out on the market that help reduce cravings for cigarettes. Some have better reviews than others, but remember that it's not a magic pill. Talk to your doctor about what he or she recommends, and this could be one of your options in conjunction with other methods.

You need support from the people closest to you. If you've tried to quit before and failed, people may not really believe you or in you at first. However, the people closest to you will be the easiest on you, so show them how badly you want to quit. Design your plan, set your goals, and start proving it to them. As you take off, they will start to believe that you're giving it your best shot.

There are many different substitutes for cigarettes. You can use an e-cigarette, and there are patches, nicotine gum, and other options as well. Consider those options, and choose what you think will work best for you. Chewing gum keeps your mouth busy while providing the nicotine. E-cigarettes are also very good tools.

You need to avoid stress as much as possible, as well as any situations that make you feel like you want to smoke. If you're used to going outside to the breakroom during work, you may want to refrain. People will still be smoking around you. Find different routines that offset as much as possible your desire to smoke. Also, when it comes to stress, you can't completely eliminate it, but you can do your best.

Find other people who have quit, and look online at success stories. You can learn many things from other people's experiences.

Quitting smoking isn't easy, but you can make it happen. It takes dedication and determination. Devise your plan, set the date, and get moving on it. Believing in yourself is the biggest part. Remember the tips and advice you've read in this article as you work towards throwing those cigarettes away for good.