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Skin Conditions

´╗┐Common Skin Conditions In Children

Raising children is full of trials and tribulations. Throughout their lives, they will experience many bumps and bruises. Skin conditions in children are another thing that can be expected from time to time. Some childhood things can be avoided, but certain skin conditions in children will develop regardless of how alert and careful the parent may be.

From the time our children are babies, we begin to see various skin conditions in our children, such as diaper rash. Diaper rashes are probably the first skin condition we'll see in our young children. Regardless of how diligently we may change our babies' diapers, some babies are still prone to developing diaper rash. Diaper rash is not one of the more serious skin conditions in children, but it still needs to be treated. The use of ointments usually works well with diaper rash. However, if the diaper rash fails to go away, they may need to see a doctor, who will prescribe a prescription medication or antibiotics.

As they grow up, more skin conditions in children will arise. Children that live in the country are often bothered by insect bites such as gnats and mosquitoes. Insect bites are usually not serious unless they are in excess or the child has an allergy to the bite. Excessive scratching by the child will usually result in scarring or spreading of the scratches and bites. If an allergy develops as a result of an insect bite, the child will need medical attention promptly. Failure to get medical attention can result in breathing difficulties or other serious conditions.

Childhood illnesses often result in skin conditions in children. Some examples are measles or chicken pox. Although most of these are prevented by childhood immunizations, occasionally epidemics arise which cause the children to still get these diseases. Childhood impetigo and psoriasis may often develop and leave the skin with marks and scars. Young children may also develop heat rash in extreme warm temperatures. Sunburn is another skin condition that many children will get if they spend too much time in the sun without proper sunscreen.

As children get older, there are other skin conditions that they are bothered by such as pimples and acne. Although pimples and acne may affect people of all ages, teenagers are the most prone to getting them. Some has to do with their diet, some has to do with heredity, but a lot of it has to do with hormones. This one skin condition is very bothersome to young adults. Sometime they disappear on their own, whereas other times they need the help of a dermatologist.