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´╗┐Healthy Weight Loss Foods That Taste Great

There are diet foods and then there are diet foods. When a person wants healthy weight loss foods that taste great, a little creativity might need to come into play, but the truth is there are all kinds of great options to buy and make.

Some of the best healthy weight loss foods are those that anyone can find at any grocery store or market. The options for healthy weight loss foods are best looked at by category. Any food, however, that isn't high in fat or heavily processed can be included in the healthy category. Oftentimes, it the choices made and how they are cooked that make the real difference. Let's take a look:


While some diets discount the value of meats, some people just can't seem to get by without them. If these are to be included on a healthy weight loss foods list, they should be lean in nature and cooked in a grilling process or baked. Frying might be okay once in a while, but when weight loss is desired, baking, broiling and grilling are the best choices. Avoid breading, too. Instead, consider using spices to really jazz up a menu.


There are diets that exclude carbohydrates all together, but this doesn't have to be necessary for weight loss to take place. Some of the best tasting healthy weight loss foods include whole grains, whole wheat products and so on. Pick items carefully and avoid processed flours and sugar-added products. These items can taste great, especially when rice is mixed with good spices and light oils, such as olive.


When it comes to healthy foods that that taste good dairy products might be king. Many options here don't lose their rich flavors when the fat is removed. While milk itself might seem watered down, the rest of the choices are pretty darn tasty.

Fruits and vegetables

These in and of themselves are some of the best healthy weight loss foods. When steamed and served with spices rather than heavy oils, they can be incredible.

Smart fats

There is good fat and bad fat. The smart ones are necessary for health. On this front, healthy weight loss foods include such things as low-fat margarine, olive oils and other unsaturated choices. Cooking in a light dusting of olive oil can really help jazz up food options, too.

There are all kinds of healthy weight loss foods right in an average grocery store. What is done with them when they arrive home can mean the difference between a good choice and a bad one.

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