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Safe Weight Loss

A Healthy Weight Loss Plan Anyone Can Follow

There are all kinds of diet and exercise plans out there. From fads that come and go to lasting ideas that carry brand and designer names, the trends in weight loss are many. There is a recipe for a healthy weight loss plan that is time tested and well respected by many. It even has a pretty well proven track record, but it might take some time to bring to fruition.

This healthy weight loss plan isn't as elusive as the Fountain of Youth, and it's certainly not as mystical. The fact of the matter is one of the best healthy weight loss plan ideas anyone can endeavor to take involves nothing more than eating right and getting in a little exercise along the way.

The key components in a healthy weight loss plan include:

Meal choice

Rather than cutting out any of the food groups or starving oneself, a healthy weight loss plan can include all the usual suspects. Meats, grains, dairy, fruits, vegetables and even fats and sugars in moderation can be included in a healthy diet that promotes weight loss. The key is to change the choices made to smarter, lower-fat options. By picking things like lean meats and grilling them rather than frying them, favorite foods can be enjoyed without all the calories added. Other ideas include whole grains over processed ones, lots of fruits and vegetables and so on.

Portion size

This is another component in a healthy weight loss plan. By limiting intake, but increasing meals per day, a person spreads out the calories needed and helps keep the metabolism working. This can be a great way to keep the body fueled without overloading it at any single sitting. Many people suggest six small meals a day. Some suggest more and others less. The key is making sure the full day's calories are spread out for the best use.


This is the part of a healthy weight loss plan that no one wants to hear. Fortunately, this component can actually be fun. Rather than get into a routine, consider going for a run, playing ball with the kids or just enjoying a good hard swim at the end of the day. This type of aerobic exercise can reduce stress, increase caloric burning and even be a whole lot of fun.

The keys to a healthy weight loss plan aren't mystical and they aren't impossible to figure out. Making healthier choices can go a long way toward not only weight loss, but improved physical condition, as well.