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Top Rhinoplasty Surgeons For African Americans

Are you satisfied with the appearance of your nose? Do you sometimes think that there is something that is needed to be removed or put on or in your nose?

Does your nose make you lose your self-confidence? Well the very main solution for these problems is to have a nose job that is very common at the present with men and women all over the globe.

Did you know that the most noticeable feature in your face is your nose? Its position makes it the centerpiece of your face which makes it in plain view sight of everyone.

The nose has different sizes and shapes. There is nothing considered as the perfect or ideal nose. To a certain extent, the beauty of the nose depends on the evenness and balance. A capable facial plastic surgeon has the ability to re-shape the nose in order to uphold the proportionality of the face and keep the racial identity.

An African American nose has two main features. They are determined as the westernized or the Caucasian nose. They are expected to be wide, flat-shaped in the tip and dorsum that have little support on the cartilage. It has also a big curvature of the nostrils and depressed angle in the front of the nasal. It also have soft tissues and little cartilage or sometimes there is none in the tip of the nose. In addition, the type of skin of an African American is thick and abundant of fibrofatty tissue.

The African American rhinoplasty improves the physical appearance of the nose by means of balancing the different parts of the nose (dorsum, tip, and nasal frontal angle).

Most the time African American rhinoplasty surgical approach are addition of the dorsal height, reducing the soft tissues and the fullness of the tip, and additional cartilage structure to the tip to give more shape.

Some rhinoplasty surgeons have made studes of these common features and have developed their styles in doing rhynoplasty on African-Americans.

Here are just some of the top rhinoplasty surgeons for African Americans:

One of the top rhinoplasty surgeons for African American is Dr. Oleh Slupchynskj. He is a board certified facial plastic surgeon. He practices his facial plastic surgery in New Jersey and New York.

Next is Dr. Philip Miller, MD, FACS, he is also considered as one of the best facial plastic surgeons in New York. He has his own rhinoplasty plastic procedure that makes him one of the top surgeons.

Lastly, Dr. Paul S. Nassif MD, FACS, another top rhinoplasty specialist. He had received international recognition by the media, his peers and patients for his ground-breaking surgical techniques. He is also good for aging face surgery.

With all these top rhinoplasty surgeons present, there is nothing to worry about for the African American who want to have a rhinoplasty plastic surgery. This surgery will help you look better and more attractive.

Your nose is the center of your face so make sure that it is also presentable in a way that people would like, but most importantly, in a way that you would like. However it is quite expensive to have a nose job, but if it is for your improvement, as your choice of course, then go for it.

You have a lot of time to save money for a nose job. You should be persistent to your goal. The more you are determined the more it is easy to be achieved.

Above anything else thanking the rhinoplasty surgeons should not be forget. Without them all African American nose are not as good as they have right now.