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Top Raw Food Websites

The number of raw food websites that you can find online is multiplying. It is so easy these days to set up a website or blog, everybody seems to be doing it! So what should you be looking for when you are exploring the internet in search of the raw lifestyle online?

In this article we will look at what the top raw food websites offer in terms of features and benefits for you. We will even explain how you can set up your own raw site quickly, easily – and for free!

People use the internet for a number of reasons and raw food enthusiasts are no exception. When we go online we are usually looking for at least one and sometimes all three of these benefits:

1. Information

The top raw food websites will have plenty of information about the raw food way of life, including recipes of course, but also guidance on related issues like nutrition, how to handle difficulties (cravings, eating out, family objections, etc). They will also offer links to other sites that you may find useful, including suppliers of raw foods and superfoods, one-on-one training opportunities and raw retreats.

2. Entertainment

Often, we may think we are looking for information on the internet when in fact what we want is to be entertained! Top raw food websites should have a fun aspect to them. This may involve quizzes and contests or simply sharing personal stories. You may also see videos to entertain you.

3. Community

We have a tendency to become isolated in our modern lives, but at the same time the internet is creating links to bring people closer through online communities. Most of us use the internet to connect with others in a variety of ways. The most popular way is through online forums.

Forums on raw food websites are a huge bonus to the raw food eater who may have no friends or family who share their enthusiasm for raw food. Even if you do know somebody else who practices this unusual but invigorating diet, you can meet a whole lot more like-minded people online.

Some of them may be in your local area and you can arrange to meet up to share meals and techniques. Others may be on the other side of the world. The internet has enabled us to create a worldwide raw food community – and all you have to do to find it is to go online!

Start Your Own: Setting Up Raw Food Websites

One of the best ways to connect with others is to start your own website or blog where you share your recipes and ideas with the world. Offering to share is a great way to make friends in real life, and it works on the internet too! You can start a blog for free through or That’s how most people start out with a website.

If you are more knowledgeable or ambitious, you can set up a site on your own domain. This will allow you to add more technical options like a forum or a recipe sharing system that you may have seen on other top raw food websites like Gone Raw.

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