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Raw Food Retreat: Plunge Into The Raw

For anybody interested in the raw food diet, a raw food retreat can be an awesome way to plunge into the raw lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned raw food fan, a raw retreat is an opportunity to pick up new ideas and be enthused or re-energized by contact with other dedicated raw practitioners.

What Can You Expect On A Raw Food Retreat?

There are different types of raw retreats. Some are run at heath resorts and offer raw food cuisine alongside other regular health retreat offerings such as massage, spa baths, exercise and perhaps beauty treatments.

Others may be organized at a hotel or conference center by a raw food chef, where the emphasis is much more firmly on food. During this type of raw food retreat you will probably spend more time in class, learning to prepare delicious raw dishes.

Not all raw retreats offer food preparation classes, so if that is what you want, be sure to check out the program before you book. As well as learning to prepare some delicious meals, if you are a beginner you will probably want to have some training in issues like nutrition and balancing your diet.

Many people start out restricting themselves to very basic foods, but it’s not necessary to try to live on fruit and nuts alone. There are plenty of gourmet raw food meals that you can learn to prepare. A raw food retreat can give you the confidence to be much more adventurous when looking at raw recipes.

It is also possible to take a retreat or a residential course where you learn to teach others to prepare delicious raw meals and follow the raw lifestyle.

If you want the company of other raw food enthusiasts in a less structured setting, you might want to consider attending a raw food festival. The best known of these is Raw Spirit in the USA, but there are more and more alternatives being organized now in other states and countries including the UK and Australia.

You also have the possibility of leaving your own country to participate in a raw food retreat in a climate where plenty of raw food is grown locally. You can find these retreats in countries like Honduras or Costa Rica.

A raw food retreat offers you the opportunity to get away from it all. You can find retreats in a jungle, forest or beach setting. You can combine an internal food-related cleanse with a long, detoxifying break from the stresses and environmental pollution of everyday life in the city.

Most retreats offer yoga and other physical programs to help move those toxins out of your system. But the main benefit for most people is to have everything clean, fresh and natural going into the body: breathing clean air, eating pure raw food, avoiding stress and bad attitudes.

If you are hesitating over the cost, you can think of it as a once in a lifetime experience – but you will probably want to go back for more! Many people are so happy with their retreats that they go back year after year. A raw food retreat can be a genuinely life changing experience.

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