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Raw Food Magazine With Tons Of Raw Recipe Ideas

A raw food magazine is a great way to keep up to date with developments in the raw food community, including recipes, factual information and the latest research into health and nutrition in the context of the raw food diet.

Depending on where you live, there may be a printed raw food magazine that you can subscribe to and receive in the mail in your own country. Even if you live in another country, you can usually subscribe, although the shipping cost is likely to be higher.

In the USA you might want to check out Purely Delicious and similar magazines. In Australia there is a raw food magazine called Living Raw that may interest you. In the UK you have one called Funky Raw. These are just a few examples and there are likely others that we don’t know about yet!

Even better, no matter where you live in the world, you can also receive a raw food magazine or newsletter by email. These are often called “ezines” and they are usually 100% free. All you have to do is sign up at a participating website, confirm your subscription (that’s to stop people from signing up with somebody else’s email) and your raw food newsletter will be delivered straight into your email inbox.

Some people do not mind paying for printed magazines while others prefer the cost savings and convenience of an ezine. For example, some people consider that one of the benefits of having a printed raw food magazine through the mail is that you get to keep all of the recipes right there in print.

However, if you receive recipes by email this can work very well too. In fact, some people think it’s even better. From your email newsletters you can cut and paste anything that interests you into a new document. In this way you could easily create a kind of recipe book of your own in a Word document where you store all of the recipes that sound interesting. Then you can print it out.

Alternatively you can simply print each recipe as it arrives by email. Either way, you have all of the recipes right there where you need them and you do not waste time flicking past the ads that you would get in a printed raw food magazine.

Whether you buy printed magazines or receive an online raw food newsletter to your email inbox, you have to expect some ads. These ads are there to cover some or all of the cost of producing the material. Even though there are no printing and mailing costs with an ezine, there are still costs involved in staff time and the software that maintains the email database, as well as the cost of running and hosting the website where you sign up.

But in a raw food magazine, even the ads can be informative and useful, since they will be specifically targeted to your interest in the raw diet. If you want to know where to find certain hard-to-get raw ingredients, or discover the best raw food recipes, the answers will often be found in advertising material. So be sure to check out the ads as well as the regular articles in a raw food magazine or newsletter.

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