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Your Raw Food Diet Plan

A raw food diet plan can be helpful for anybody who is interested in following a raw way of eating. Most of us think we know what foods are raw and what are not, but it is a big step to go straight into a 100% raw diet. There’s a lot to consider before you take that step.

In this article we will look at some of the most important points that you need to take into account when you are considering the raw food way of life, and the different options that you might choose. There are many ways to follow a raw food diet plan!

A Raw Food Diet Plan That Is Not Bland And Boring

Many people start on the raw food lifestyle full of enthusiasm, only to fall off the wagon after a few days. One of the most common reasons for this is that they are eating the same thing over and over.

To avoid this trap, be sure to explore your options before you start. Read raw food recipe books and check online websites. Join a raw food group in your city or an online forum. Take some training or go on to a raw retreat or festival. Don’t limit yourself to plates of fruit, nuts and salad, there are tons more things you can do.

A Raw Food Diet Plan That Is Flexible

Another reason for quitting the raw food path is that if you do not think laterally, you can end up believing that the plan is very inflexible. It may be fine while you are preparing food for yourself at home, but what happens when you want to eat in a restaurant, or at a friend’s house, or when you attend a wedding or go on vacation? All of these events need some planning, or you will find it very difficult indeed to stick to your raw food diet plan without cheating.

If you are going to a restaurant, check the menu ahead of time. If possible, choose a restaurant that offers plenty of salad options, and maybe take along some avocado and fruit to add to your meal. Eating at a friend’s home or at a special event is much easier if you take along at least one dish that you know will keep you satisfied if there is nothing provided that you can eat. Be prepared to share it and you may even convert others!

A Raw Food Diet Plan That Satisfies Our Nutritional Requirements

The human body was built on the assumption that we would eat from a wide range of foods. This means that our digestive systems are very flexible but it has also resulted in certain vitamin and mineral requirements. When you follow any kind of restrictive diet, including a raw food diet plan, you need to make sure that these nutritional requirements will be met.

Despite what many people think, this is possible to do on a raw food diet plan. Remember, our bodies were not designed to eat a diet based around hamburgers and fries! Vegetarian foods in their natural, unprocessed state are much more likely to give us a balanced diet than the type of foods eaten by many people in the US and other Western nations. You just need to check that you are getting the nutrients you need, which can be done by using an online diet tracking website like Fitday or MyFitnessPal.

Protein is a common concern for raw vegans. When you tell friends or family that you are following a raw diet, they will often ask where you get your protein. But in fact, our protein requirements are pretty low and it’s not likely that anybody eating plenty of raw vegetables would ever suffer from a protein deficiency. Fruit is lower in protein but even on a high fruit diet, a few nuts or sprouted beans every day will boost your protein intake.

We do not need to eat meat to get enough protein. A well-balanced raw food diet plan can easily satisfy your protein needs.

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