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Prevent Stretch Marks

If you’re going to be having a baby soon, or are considering becoming pregnant, there are a lot of things you’ll have to consider when it comes to the changes that your body will undergo. In addition to getting back to your ideal weight after having a baby, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re doing all you can to prevent stretch marks both during and after your pregnancy. Here are some tips for keeping your skin in its best health, as well as some products that will help you to do away with the scars associated with stretch marks.

One of the best things you can do to prevent stretch marks is to make sure that you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet. This will nourish your skin (and your baby), and keep your internal organs functioning properly. Taking your prenatal vitamins regularly will keep the skin filled with the right vitamins, and this will improve and maintain the elasticity of your skin. Eating foods that are rich in calcium and protein is also helpful in preventing stretch marks, so make sure that you are filling your diet with foods like leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and organic milk. This will also help you to maintain a healthy weight while you are carrying your baby.

You should also make sure that you are keeping your body hydrated when you are working to prevent stretch marks. Be sure to drink no less than eight glasses of water or fluids every day, so that your skin will maintain its elasticity. Drinking fluids that are low in sugar is also recommended, since sugary drinks like soda will dry out the skin and make the skin wrinkle prematurely. You should also work to prevent stretch marks by staying away from other drinks that will dry out the skin, such as coffee and some teas.

It is also a good idea to moisturize the skin regularly when you are working to prevent stretch marks. The breasts, belly, lower back, sides, and thighs are common places on the body that can develop stretch marks, so you should moisturize with a lotion that contains cocoa butter or shea butter in order to keep the marks from forming. You can also purchase vitamin E oil from your local health food store, and add it to the lotion that you’re using to prevent stretch marks from occurring now and in the future.

Most importantly, you should still keep up with your healthy diet and moisturizing regimens after you have delivered your baby. This will ensure that you don’t develop stretch marks later in life, and will help you to reach your ideal weight much quicker. A balanced diet will also make your breast milk much healthier for your baby, so while you following a regime to prevent stretch marks, you will be providing nutrients for your baby as well. For more information on how you can prevent stretch marks, check out

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