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Cheap Plastic Surgery In Mexico

Normally, when people want to have a plastic surgery they would choose to go to New York, Florida, Los Angeles, etc. Who would believe that Mexico, in spite of it is not being a first world country is a choice for some people who want to have plastic surgery.

Mexico may seem not to be a first world country. However, because of its many cities and developing economy, people do not find it hard to trust what this country has to offer.

It has one of the best medical school in the world, which is the University of Guadalajara. Actually, there are many American students who have studied and received medical degrees in this school. Guadalajara has also one of the world's prominent schools in reconstructive surgery. The school have educated doctors from all parts of the world using the present surgical techniques and medical wonders.

There are seventy-five certified plastic surgeons in Guadalajara. Not only that, most of the hospital amenities and facilities in Guadalajara belongs are first rate.

Another advantage of choosing Mexico for plastic surgery is the way they take care of their patients. Contrary to most American doctors, they are known to be always on the rush to release their patients out of their clinics or hospitals. While in Mexico, majority of the doctors spends most of their time talking and listening to their patients. They usually show concern and respond to the needs of their patients.

Most Mexican doctors know how to speak a bit of English. Since most of them have studied professional courses or have performed internships and residencies in the United States. Some of them are Board Certified by most United States licensing agencies.

Besides Guadalajara, there are also many expert plastic surgeons in Mexico City and the Monterrey's northern city. Clinics are also available near the boarders of Texas, Arizona and California. However, it is not assured that medical care is their top priority. So, if you are considering clinics near these borders, make sure to check for the surgeon and the facilities used.

Usually, the price of a facial surgery is 2,500 U.S dollars. This service involves lifting of the eyelids and the forehead which will cost about 6,000 U.S dollars. The services already include your stay at the hospital or clinic.

Botox is also affordable in Mexico. There are services available which sets up everything for the patients - from the flights, to accommodations while on the country, to the doctor's fees, nursing care up to the hospital fees.

In most cases, you can also arrange to recuperate in a pleasant place with continuous nursing care. Once the swelling and bruising have gone down, you will already able to go back home with your fresh new look.

But there are also disadvantages. One of the reasons why plastic surgery in the United State costs so much is because of malpractice lawsuits. On the contrary, it is so cheap in Mexico because they do not recognize any malpractice. So, if something went wrong, you will have no other alternative.

However, there are still many Americans and Canadians who go to Mexico every year to have face lifting and other cosmetic surgeries. And in fairness to Mexican surgeon, most of their patients have succeeded with their surgeries.

If you are planning to have a plastic surgery in Mexico, you have to check out for their surgeons' qualifications. If possible ask for references. Try to visit one of the cities mentioned above in order for you to become aware of the facilities the use. Also, it will be good to meet some of the best plastic surgeons in their area and choose which one will do the operation for you.