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Planning Your Detox Diet Menu

Planning Your Detox Diet MenuDetox diet is a diet plan that aims to reduce the amount of toxins in the body. Toxins are substances, found either internally or externally, that may harm the tissues and organs of the body. Noxious elements like ammonia, uric acid, lactic acid, free radicals and bilirubin are referred to as internal toxins while elements found in the surroundings such as pesticides, carbon dioxide, radiation and drugs are called external toxins.

Detoxification is a process in which the body is allowed to free itself of toxins. Detox diet is a great way to wash out hazardous elements from the body and cleanse the blood. It works by using only the freshest, healthiest and most organic ingredients. But planning on a detox diet menu is no easy task especially when you’re used to eating so much processed food. Here are several food products that one will need to include in an individual’s detox diet menu:


Fruits are perfect sources of vitamins and minerals. Orange- and yellow-colored fruits get their color from a substance called beta-carotene which helps prevent eye problems and early development of wrinkles. Red-colored fruits alternatively possess lycopene which is shown to have cancer-fighting qualities. Fruits with purple color such as grapes contain flavonoids which help prevent heart disease.


Vegetables are proven to contain antioxidants that help the body fight cancer. The great quantity of vitamins and minerals seen in veggies are associated with a sound, healthy body. It helps protect against diseases of the heart, reduce the risk of getting diabetes, and decrease worldwide mortality.

Whole grains

Whole grain foods such as brown rice and oatmeal are preferred over refined grains (examples are.white rice and white bread). Refined grains have already been highly processed which led to the stripping of the bran and germ. Removal of essential nutrients such as vitamin B, fiber and iron is the result of this refinement process. Several other examples whole grain items are popcorn, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta and virtually any food with “whole wheat” in it.

Other foods that a person can include in his or her diet are herbal teas, nuts (unsalted), live natural yogurt, fresh herbs and spices, and honey. A handful of foods to get rid of in the course of detox are meat (all kinds), dairy products, refined grains, seeds, legumes, coffee, junk foods and processed foods. And of course, detox is not complete without water. Drink lots of water to help the organs such as kidneys to flush out the harmful chemicals circulating in your blood.

Planning your detox diet menu may be a hard nut to crack at first. But with the following information on your mind, creating a detox menu plan can be quite easy.

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