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Nutritional Guidance For Those On Chemotherapy Regimens

Treatments involving chemotherapy can be tremendously useful, sometimes essentially curative, for patients suffering from a variety of cancers. However, they can also take quite a toll on the human body along the way. When undergoing these types of therapies, it is possible that your desire and taste for food will be altered, perhaps even significantly. The following article includes several tips for maintaining a sound nutritional plan during any course of chemotherapy.

As you progress through your chemotherapy treatment, you may develop an aversion to meats. However, it is more important than ever that you continue getting sufficient amounts of protein in your diet. Fortunately, numerous protein-packed substitutes exist. If you cannot tolerate meat, give fish, beans, legumes and Greek yogurt a try.

If you are currently a chemotherapy patient, you should do everything you can to incorporate sufficient fiber into your daily diet. Plentiful dietary fiber can counteract the chances that troublesome constipation will develop. Given the strain to which your body is being subjected, any opportunity to make bodily processes go smoothly should be enthusiastically seized.

Proper hydration is critical during a course of chemotherapy treatment. Plain water is sometimes unpalatable, particularly during times of illness, but there are things you can do to boost your intake to an optimal level.

In order to keep your appetite as hearty as possible, incorporate carbohydrates into your diet whenever possible. Not only will you maintain higher energy levels, you will get a greater number of calories into your body, which is critical when your body is in such a vulnerable state.

If you find that chemotherapy is causing you to suffer from bouts of diarrhea, steer clear of foods high in sugar and greasy oils. By limiting your intake of such items, you stand a better chance of staving off additional digestive troubles going forward.

A great dietary practice for chemotherapy patients and healthy individuals alike is to make a habit of eating several smaller meals throughout the course of a day instead of focusing on three larger ones. While undergoing chemotherapy, you may find it far easier to tolerate a small amount of food at a increased intervals. Not only will you have better luck getting calories into your body in this way, you will also succeed in maintaining a more consistent level of energy.

Alcohol is something that you should avoid entirely while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Not only does alcohol lead to dehydration, inflammation and a host of other ills, it is simply not a healthy habit for someone already in fragile health. If there was ever a perfect time to become a teetotaler, this would be it.

Ensuring that your course of chemotherapy goes as smoothly as possible requires you to maintain good health and get as many key nutrients as you can. Though the treatment may impact your appetite and ability to eat properly, by heeding the advice in the piece above, you can maximize your nutritional intake on the days you find yourself able to eat.

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