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Good Nutrition Made Easy

Unless you're dieting, you might not be looking for much advice on good nutrition. Maybe you haven't gotten around to talking to your doctor about it, or the only person telling you to lay off the sweets is your dentist. But regardless of your body weight, we all need the right nutrition to stay healthy, energetic, and avoid illness. Not to mention taking care of your insides will make your outsides look great, too! This article will give it to straight about good nutrition.

If you thought "nutrition" and the first thing that came to mind was fruits and vegetables, you're off to a good start! Not only is fresh produce packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs everyday, but they also contain ingredients that can help prevent dangerous conditions like cancer and heart disease. Additionally, many of them are naturally low in calories, which can come in real handy if you are trying to diet. Your local farmer's market is a great place to get started. Frozen products are also just as good for you if your favorite produce is out of season.

Substitute other meats in your diet with seafood two or three times a week. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. Salmon is an excellent, flavorful option. In addition, prepare other meats that you'll be eating in healthful ways, such as baking or broiling. Let's face it, nothing about deep frying is good for you. If you have health concerns about eating fish, talk to your doctor.

Water, water everywhere, right? You heard about that six to eight glasses of water a day rule, and figured that can of soda or a couple of cups of coffee counted toward it. Getting enough water each day will not only keep you hydrated, but will keep your skin moisturized as well. Water also helps cleanse your system and is good for your heart and kidneys, too.

Stay away from heavily processed foods, or using them sparingly. These foods, even that loaf of regular white bread you bought, are full of sodium and have little nutrition. Look for whole grain breads and read the labels before you buy something. Try out some whole grain pastas instead of pasta made with semolina flour. Also try brown rice and oatmeal.

That big fuss you heard about high fructose corn syrup? It may be worth making a fuss over, as it's been linked to increasing rates of heart disease and obesity. High fructose corn syrup is mostly sugar, but the problem comes in that it's in a lot of processed foods. Chances are it's in that cheap white bread you bought in the store! If you avoid the processed foods, you'll cut a lot of corn syrup out of your diet as well.

You should sit down and talk with your doctor about any changes you want to make to your diet, and use that opportunity to raise any concerns you may have. Your doctor can also tell you what foods you should avoid if you have certain health conditions, or if you may still need a vitamin supplement to make sure you're still getting the nutrition you need.

Now that you know good nutrition is really a no-brainer, it should be easy to go out there and make it happen! In time you'll not only feel better, but look better, too. When you spend your day eating right, you can enjoy that piece of cake for dessert guilt-free.