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New Natural Diet Pills: African Mango Extract

The latest discovery in natural diet pills is African mango extract. Featured on the Dr Oz show, the active ingredient in this fruit is said to help people to lose weight by both reducing appetite and giving a boost to the metabolism so that we burn calories faster.

The African mango or Irvingia gabonensis is a fruit native to West Africa. It’s eaten like other fruit in Nigeria, Cameroon and the surrounding countries. However, the beneficial extract doesn’t come from the flesh of the fruit but from the seed. Unlike other mangoes, Irvingia gabonensis has an edible seed that has been used in traditional West African cooking for hundreds of years. The active ingredient in the African mango weight loss supplement is the substance extracted from these seeds.

Two studies carried out in Africa in 2005 and 2009 found that people taking the supplement lost more weight than a control group. At the same time, they had improvements in blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, implying that the supplement has a part to play in reducing fat and cholesterol in the blood.

African Mango Natural Diet Pills: How They Work

The message of African mango supplement promoters is that being overweight is not your fault. There’s a substance called leptin produced naturally in the digestive system that makes us want to eat more than our body really needs right now. Leptin is a hormone that can give us cravings for high fat, high calorie food even if we’re not really hungry.

Centuries ago, leptin had a purpose. It helped our ancestors to store fat in times when there was plenty of food, so that they could survive the droughts and long winters when there was not so much to eat. Neat, huh?

But these days it’s not so helpful to have a body that produces plenty of leptin so that we naturally store a lot of fat. Now – at least in the developed world – there’s all the food we need, all year round. Even the poorest people in our society find that the cheapest and most filling food is high in calories so it’s possible for them to pile on the weight even though they may not be well nourished.

So how do African mango natural diet pills help us to overcome this instinctive desire to eat more than we need? Simple: we’re told that it suppresses production of leptin so that we can recover our natural feelings of being full and stop wanting to overeat.

At the same time it is believed to give a boost to the metabolism, helping us to burn more calories.

Safety And Side Effects

There have not yet been any studies on long term use. Some people have reported minor side effects when starting to take these natural diet pills. The most common ones are headaches, insomnia and gas. Taking them in the morning or with lunch should prevent any problems with sleeping. Reducing the dose or beginning with a very small dose and working up, should help with other side effects, if you get them.

You should consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. Even natural diet pills should not be taken by pregnant and nursing women or people with medical conditions, without medical advice.

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