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Natural Weight Loss Supplements: Raspberry Ketone

One of the most popular natural weight loss supplements to hit the market in recent years is raspberry ketone. This natural extract of raspberry fruit has been used for a long time to add raspberry flavor to foods, but it is only recently that it has been marketed as a diet supplement. Then it made an appearance on the Dr Oz show on national TV and shot to fame.


One of the biggest advantages of raspberry ketone over other natural weight loss supplements is that it has no known side effects. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has categorized it as ‘generally recognized as safe’.

Raspberry ketone has been used as a food flavoring since the 1960s, so it’s not new and untested. If there were any serious side effects it seems likely that they would have been identified by now. So it’s probably much safer than many other diet pills, although of course you should consult with your doctor before taking anything, even 100% natural weight loss supplements.


There have not been many research studies carried out into the effectiveness of raspberry ketone at the time of writing. That is partly because its use for weight loss is so new, and partly because it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of something that is often marketed along with other weight loss products and systems.

The best known study that is quoted by many raspberry ketone supplement manufacturers involved mice. It showed that when mice were given raspberry ketone along with a stimulant (noradrenalin, which is a natural brain chemical) they burned more fat than if they were fed noradrenalin alone.

Noradrenalin is a known fat burner but it’s not safe to take as a supplement. However, since we have noradrenalin in our bodies already, the theory is that we can take raspberry ketone to increase its effectiveness. Raspberry ketone is therefore believed to help us burn more fat, without having to take dangerous stimulants.

There is not much other research. The other studies that have been carried out so far have not found much weight loss benefit to taking raspberry ketone alone. Therefore, most raspberry ketone natural weight loss supplements contain other ingredients. The combined effect of these ingredients is marketed as a safe and effective weight loss product.

Ingredients that are added to raspberry ketone supplements can include metabolism boosters like caffeine or green tea extract, acai berry extract and more. You should be aware that some of these can have side effects – for example, large quantities of caffeine can cause insomnia and headaches. So if you take a weight loss product that contains caffeine, you should reduce your intake of caffeine from coffee or other sources by the same amount.

Is It Really Natural?

You might wonder if this is a natural weight loss aid when you hear that the raspberry ketone that is found in our natural weight loss supplements is no longer extracted from raspberries. But when you consider the cost of a fruit like the raspberry, and the tiny amount of raspberry ketone that can be extracted from each one, this is not surprising.

Raspberry ketone is now made in laboratories, whether it is going to be used as a food flavoring or as a diet pill. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not natural. It can still be made from natural ingredients, even if it is not extracted from raspberries. So it is worth considering raspberry ketone when you are trying natural weight loss supplements for yourself.

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