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During the long cold winter months, many people suffer from dry skin more often, because of low humidity in their homes and the cold weather outside, so are often looking for natural skin care tips. Some of the symptoms of dry skin are itchy, flaky skin and scaling, when the outer skin layer visibly peels. Using harsh soaps and showering or bathing too often contributes towards dry, rough skin. There are many great natural skin care tips available to help people in their fight against dry skin. Here is several natural skin care tips that will help you avoid or cure dry skin itch.

- The cause of dry skin is not lack of oil in your skin but lack of water. Immediately after taking a shower or bath, apply moisturizes to help trap the moisture in your skin.

- Other natural skin care tips include using a humidifier in your home and at work, if possible, during the winter months. If your skin is itching, apply cool compresses, which is a simple, natural approach that works well.

- Natural skin care tips for dry skin include eating foods that contain essential fatty acids every day. Also, eat snacks that are high fiber such as figs, dates, dried fruit, raw seeds, and raw nuts.

- People with dry skin often experience wrinkles and fine lines prematurely, so use moisturizers and bath oils that contain coconut oil.

- Use a natural cream moisturizer daily for dry and normal skin. For people with sensitive skin, use a moisturizer without lanolin or perfume for best results.

- Shampoos containing harsh chemicals often remove the natural oils on your scalp causing the skin to become irritated and dry. Repeated scratching or rubbing often causes small scratches or wounds, which could become sore or infected. Natural skin care tips that help prevent this include switching to a natural shampoo that contains no harsh chemicals. Look for a natural shampoo that has tree tea oil. This oil has great anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that help prevent infections and sooth the itch.

- After applying warm water or a warm cloth on your face to open the pores, spread honey over your face. Rinse this off after twenty minutes using warm water followed by cooler water. A honey facial once a week will keep your skin looking younger, feeling great, and the best part is it only costs pennies.

By following some of the many excellent natural skin care tips, your skin will be glowing with health in no time at all.