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Natural Health and Eating Healthy with Organic Foods

Natural Health and Eating Healthy with Organic Foods

Organic foods are foods that are both grown and handled without the use of any type of chemicals or toxins to preserve them. Organic foods are also subject to much stricter guidelines and procedures than are their non-organic counterparts. You have probably heard plenty about organic foods. You may even have noticed how organic produce is becoming more and more common in grocery stores and farmers markets. This is because consumers are demanding healthier foods that are free of harmful substances. Natural health begins with eating as organically as possible.

Organic foods are considered to be both of a higher quality than non-organic foods as well as safer. What you put in your body is important after all! In order to determine if a product is truly as organic as it claims to be, look for a label or sticker that states that it is Certified Organic by QAI. For those who are not familiar with QAI it is the acronym for Quality Assurance International. For you the consumer this is your guarantee that the food product was put through a very extensive and rigorous investigation before it came to be sold at the store.

To improve the quality of your life and that of your family, make it a practice to buy organic foods. You may notice that they do tend to be more expensive than non-organic brands but the rewards you will reap from them will far outweigh the costs. To encourage you further to buy organic rest assured that organic foods have a very good taste to them that will tempt your taste buds time and time again! This is because the soil that the fruits and veggies are grown in was treated with compost and mulch and therefore, gave rise to soil that was nourished and as healthy as could be because it was not chemically modified in any manner.

Eating organic foods reduces the potential of health problems because there are no dangerous chemicals or pesticides used in growing the fruits and vegetables. These substances are poisonous in every way and can contribute to illnesses and a variety of types of cancers. They are bad news in every respect.

If you are very conscientious of how the environment is treated, then you will be pleased to know that organic farming is kind to it. It is respectful of the world we live in and there are no worries about toxic farming runoff or pollutants that can contaminate the soil, the water and the air. The erosion is lessened as well because it is the soil that the organic crops are grown in that is the primary focus of the farmers. The soil is the foundation for the healthy growth of the plants, and it is treated as the precious material it is. It is unfortunate that an excessive degree of non-organic farming has led to one of the worst topsoil erosion crises ever to occur in the history of the planet.

Organic farming is all about working with nature for the betterment of it. It seeks to keep both balance and harmony in the equation for a healthy ecosystem. This means that wildlife is an integral part of it all as opposed to being considered a nuisance. What this translates to, is that the rotation includes forage crops. It also means that fence rows remain intact and wetlands and natural areas are supported in every way possible.

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