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Muscle Building

Essential Tips For Building Muscle

You want to start building muscle, but you don't know where to start and what to really do. Don't worry because this article discusses several tips to help you get started. It is much easier to get started than you think, and then you can let your journey and continued research hone your plan as you get going. Read on to find out these helpful tips.

Ok, first of all, you must set your goals. You need to first figure out where you want to be when you hit your overall goal to maintain. This is of course a lifestyle change, so there is no real "finality," but you need to have a goal of where you want to be. Then, as you start designing the rest of your muscle building plan, you can set your short-term goals. These goals are to help you track your progress, and as you hit these checkpoints, you should reward yourself. This helps you consistently stay motivated, and that is why you have both short-term and long-term goals. If you're thinking in an organized manner, then you've probably already guessed you need to be keeping a fitness journal.

In this fitness journal, you need to start building your workout plan. Of course when building muscle, you need to have both cardiovascular exercises and muscle building exercises balanced in your plan. There is much research you need to do here, but don't let it intimidate you. Building muscle is a number's game, and all you have to do for most of these numbers is visit the doctor and record what he says. Get your blood pressure taken, body fat percentage, cholesterol, weight, and your metabolic rate to get started. Record these numbers in your journal. Your metabolic rate and body fat percentage are the most important numbers here when talking muscle building. Your metabolic rate determines along with other factors your ratio of caloric intake vs. muscle building exercises. Your body fat percentage is what you pay attention to more than your weight. As you build muscle, your body fat percentage changes drastically, and this will naturally affect your weight in a positive manner. However, depending on your body size, you might not lose weight because muscle weighs more than fat.

You have to make sure you're completely committed. It's not a short-term deal. You don't want to complete your first small goal, and then quit, watching that extra muscle you started building turn to fat that you now have to lose again. No, that's not what you want to do. Make sure you are fully committed, and that you have a solid plan.

You must be eating a balanced diet with an emphasis on carbohydrates and proteins. You need both of these in a variety of different foods, and you must also have plenty of liquids and of course at least 8 glasses of water each day. Your protein sources for meat should be high on the list, and that can include all different meats, even fish. There are fish that are high in fat, and there are fish that are low in fat. Both of these are good for you, and of course have your chicken and red meats.

Follow the tips here, and you will be on your way to the body that you dream about. Make sure as you start your muscle building journal, you continue to look for new ideas and helpful tips for you as you continue along your journey.