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Low Carb Diet

´╗┐What Is A High Protein Low Carb Diet?

A high protein low carb diet is one in which dieters generally receive up to half their calories from protein. Over the last few years, many people have used a high protein low carb diet as an effective way to lose weight. Any diet that drastically restricts carbohydrates causes the body to burn its own fat as fuel instead of burning carbohydrates, which is what the body typically burns. People normally tend to eat less on a high protein low carb diet because they do not feel as hungry. Because your body changes to fat burning from a carbohydrate-burning engine, you normally start losing weight rapidly. Some experts believe this is an effective weight loss diet while others believe it is unhealthy and harmful. This is why you should always talk to your physician before starting any weight loss program to determine what is right for you.

Many people run into common problems or make mistakes when they are on a high protein low carb diet. When first starting this diet, plan your food ahead of time until your new eating habits come naturally. Being hungry and having no idea what to eat can sabotage your goals and send you running to your local fast food outlet. One myth some believe is that you eat as much meat or other low carb, high protein foods as you want, all day long, which is not true. People need to educate themselves, understand the basics of how a high protein low carb diet works and learn to eat a balanced diet. There is a tendency to respond too quickly when the diet does not go perfectly at the beginning, so people give up. Although a high protein, low carb diet does take a bit of time to adjust to, after the first week it is usually smooth sailing and the weight starts dropping.

In a high protein, low carb diet, vegetables and fruits are an extremely important part of the diet. Low carb vegetables such as sprouts, greens, herbs, celery, radishes, and low carb fruits such as rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and grapefruit should make up the largest percentage of your diet. They also ensure that you are getting the necessary fiber in your diet. Low sugar fruits and non-starchy vegetables are the ones highest in both nutrients and fiber. Because you do not have to record or count calories on a high protein, low carb diet does not mean you eat until you almost burst. Stop eating when you feel comfortable and not when you are stuffed.