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Undergoing Liposuction In Thailand

People who have some extra fat under the arms or in any other part of the body can have this surgically removed. The patient can be examined by the doctor and after scheduling a date, the entire procedure can begin.

When people undergo this procedure, the patient has to pay close to $2000 to $3000 for each area. This doesn't include the anesthesia, the use of the room and the professional fee of the other professionals in the operating room.

But there are other places in the world that have been to be cheaper for anyone who wants liposuction done. The person has to simply book a ticket and fly east to the country called Thailand.

Plastic surgery first came to this country in the 1970's. One of those that practice this profession is Dr. Witoon Wisuthseriwong, a surgeon who does these operations both in Bangkok and in Changmai.

This man and others that are also trained and certified can finish liposuction under an hour to the longest which is four hours. The extent of the recovery will depend on the area that was operated on.

One of the best facilities in Thailand is the Vibha-ram General and Cosmetic General Surgery Hospital. This place uses state of the art equipment that serves both foreign and local patients.

Doctors charge from $2000 to $3200 in order for the patient to undergo liposuction. The nice thing is that this is already inclusive of board and lodging for about four days in a hotel, transfers to and from the airport, operating room expenses, hotel room accommodation, medication and recovery.

Some people might think this is a vacation given what the package offers which will surely be enjoyed by anyone who wants to recover. The person should just send the test results such as blood and any other requirements a month in advance to make sure that one really qualifies for the procedure.

If the person wants to know more, there are some websites that provide such information. These will give the names of known and licensed doctors and Thailand which the person can contact.

If the person qualifies for the operation, it is just a matter of scheduling the date of surgery and buying a plane ticket to go to Thailand. The patient will also have to pay a down payment which is preferred to be in US dollars.

The person will have to fly in two days before actual surgery. This will give enough time for the doctors to prep the patient and do some last minute tests.

On the day of the operation, the doctors inject anesthesia into the target area. When the drug has taken effect, small cuts will be made so that tubes can be inserted to suck out the excess fat.

The doctors will remove the tubes then close the cuts by stitching these areas. Some drugs will be given to ease the pain and a special garment must be worn in the recovery room.

Constant checkups hours after the operation was conducted will make sure the operation was a success. The person can then be checked out and transferred to the hotel for some rest and relaxation in a better environment.

There might be some visible scars after the operation. This will go away in time and the person will enjoy the new look as people will be surprised to see the individual after a long trip abroad.