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Choosing A Surgeon For Liposuction Surgery


If you doubt the observation, why not try to look at Hollywood's teen stars? In their desire to keep up with the expectation of society, some of them are suffering from some sort of eating disorder.

The desire to be thin is perhaps the latest fad in most countries. Alongside this growing need for thin bodies is the birth of all sorts of diet plans and medical techniques designed to make the process easier and faster, albeit costlier. Although medical practitioners still recommend the old fashion way of dieting that combines eating moderately and exercising everyday, many find it really slow and just plain bothersome. All want faster results.

One of the procedures that indeed give faster results is liposuction, a medical procedure that removes fat deposits in specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, the arms, the neck, the buttocks and even the face. Liposuction is also done on hips and thighs. In fact, these are the most popular areas.

Fat deposits are often removed through suction with the use of a vacuum-suction instrument called a canula. This is a pen-like instrument that is hollow on the inside. Some surgeons also use an instrument called an ultrasonic probe, which emulsifies fat deposits in the area being treated. Emulsification is the process of breaking the fat cells into small pieces so that they can easily be sucked out from the body.

Although generally considered as one option for weight loss, liposuction is actually a procedure that is better done on localized areas. This is because too much liposuction procedures on the body can also do harm

Although liposuction is considered as a minor form of surgery, there are cases when patients die or develop complications. This is often due to some error in the target. There are cases when blood vessels or other organs are damaged in the process.

Choosing a good surgeon that will perform the liposuction surgery is therefore important. Remember that this is a process that requires expertise and experience, as this is an extremely sensitive procedure. One wrong move and it can cost you your life.

Below are some tips that can help you in choosing the right surgeon and making sure of your safety.

1. Do not be ashamed to shop for a surgeon

Doctor shopping is for free. Go from one hospital to another and ask around for surgeons that can perform liposuction procedure. Browse through the internet for clinics that offer the procedures. Another option is to ask people you know if they have undergone similar procedures. You can also ask some of your friends or acquaintances for any recommendations. Chances are they know a doctor who can perform a safe procedure or they know someone who knows someone. The important thing is, do not be satisfied with just consulting with one doctor. Go to several and then choose the best from the pack. You are going to pay for their services so you have all the right to choose.

2. Do an interview

Inquire about their qualifications and their experience with the procedure. One of the most important questions that you should ask is how many similar procedures had the doctor done in the past. The more procedures that he has done, the better. You can even do this without the consultation fees.