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What Is Ultrasonic Liposuction?

Thin is the newest fad to hit the world. After the brief craze on really big breasts (that border on the insane!), people, women are now trying their damnedest to small size their waistlines and their hip areas.

America's and the rest of the world's obsession over thinness can be observed from the waif-like images that Hollywood teen stars try to project. Some are even so obsessed with their bodies that they end up with eating disorder likes bulimia.

Although traditional dieting, which involves moderate eating and exercise, is still recommended by medical professionals for weight loss, many find this procedure extremely inconvenient and slow. Most are adamant to lose weight the soonest cannot seem to wait for natural weight loss to set in.

One of the artificial procedures being done to loosen some weight and to help contour the body is liposuction. This is a procedure where fat deposits in different parts of the body are sucked out through the use of an instrument called canula. This is a hollow instrument resembling a pen that is inserted in the skin. Other doctors that perform liposuction procedures use ultrasonic probes that emulsify the fat deposits for faster suction. Emulsification involves the breaking down of fat deposits in the body. Often liposuction is done on a specific part of the body. Two of the most popular liposuction areas are the thighs and the abdomen. Liposuction is also performed on the arms, the hips, the neck and even on the face.

Although there are various techniques that are used for liposuction, one of the most in demand is the ultrasonic liposuction, which was introduced in 1987 when it was first patented.

The word ultrasonic refers to a high-pitched sound that is utilized to loosen up body fats and fatty oils inside the body. This is done so that suction of the fat deposits will be much easier.

There are basically two types of ultrasonic liposuction, internal and external. Internal ultrasonic liposuction involves the use of vibrating canula through the skin. The external ultrasonic liposuction on the other hand uses a machine that also vibrates but this time, it is applied outside the skin before the liposuction procedure is started.

Because it is invasive, most do not recommend the use of internal ultrasonic device because it involves a lot of risks and is generally known to be not as safe as other procedures. It has even been known to cause the tissues of the patients to burn and die.

The canula may also cause damage on the skin outside. Blisters may appear and the skin may even burn if the canula is improperly handled and accidentally pushed to the skin from the inside towards the outer layers. Scarring may result from these burns.

Another downside with internal ultrasonic procedure is the fact that it can also cause the formation of balls of fluids that are called seromas. This is not a permanent condition and may be treated. The patient must however endure some bumps in the skin that may last for weeks and weeks.

Perhaps because of the risks that internal ultrasonic liposuction poses on patients, a safer alternative is created. External ultrasonic liposuction is much safer. It makes use of vibrating instrument that is placed outside the area to be liposuctioned.

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