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Learning To Live In The Moment

Learning To Live In The Moment

With all the stressors life has to offer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Unfortunately, it’s a more common problem than not. However, with a little focus and patience, lasting change is achievable. How? By learning a few practical skills, you can manage your emotions and ease your thoughts. Recognizing the present and seizing the moment, is just one of the many tools that help you find inner peace.

Carpe Diem

I’ve learned a lot about anxiety over the years. One of the most effective tactics is to “Live in the Now.” This reminds me of phrase “Carpe Diem,” which means Seize the Day – a phrase I learned while growing up in Minnesota. So, naturally, I figured it was a good Norwegian word, like Lutefisk. As I was getting this blog ready, I was working under that Norwegian assumption. Until, I thought I best Google it to be sure.

I discovered I was wrong. Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase. See, you cannot always trust your thoughts. And, that my friends, is THE big lesson of the day about anxiety. When you are suffering from anxiety, you cannot always trust your thoughts or emotions. You can do fact checking. But thoughts are thoughts and they can cause so much unnecessary suffering to those who have anxiety issues.

What’s the Root Cause?

We do not fully know how people develop an anxiety disorder. It could be genetics, an environmental trigger, trauma, or several other possibilities or combinations of. But if you are suffering and your thoughts are disturbing, stressful, and overwhelming, I have good news for you. You do not need to figure out HOW you got so consumed by anxiety to recover.

Your anxious mind can make up stories. If the story is a bad, fearful tale, your brain’s natural, protective, negative bias has been sensitized by anxiety and it immediately acts to release adrenaline. You are primed for fight or flight almost instantly. Except, there is no danger. And, that is confusing and bewildering to the sufferer and causes more alarm with more adrenaline released. The added adrenaline results in more symptoms of fight or flight (racing heart, light-headed, sweaty palms, etc.) allowing you to stick with the fearful thoughts in a tiresome and paralyzing loop of misery.

The Trick is Living in the Present

This is where Carpe Diem comes in. One way to trick anxiety is to live in now and seize the day. Anxiety is future-oriented. The now is now. The now is calmer and neutrally charged, and within your control. Perhaps, you can see why mindfulness and meditation are so therapeutic for anxiety and are a part of our Transcend Anxiety program. We also teach you HOW to be in the present, how to accept the What Is, how to create your desired life free of excessive anxiety using simple techniques.

The techniques are simple and practical, but not necessarily easy. However, with current, research-based information and a supportive team assisting you, the benefits are huge. Seize the day – live in the now, by welcoming fear as if it were your friend and watch it diffuse away as you transcend it. Carpe Diem, Lutefisk, and casseroles to all.

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