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How To Identify Side Effects Of HCG Weight Loss

Fast and easy weight loss has become a trend amongst many people. One of such flourishing weight loss schemes is HCG diet protocol which publicly claims that it can help you lose one to three pounds every day. Just like others, its side effects and claims are still big concerns for many medical health researchers.

HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin is produced by pregnant women during the first trimester of their pregnancy. HCG is produced mainly during after fertilization phase of 12-14 days in urine and 11 days in blood. It is promised that using HCG tablets and injections can really lose pounds. So, if you’re planning to go after HCG diet for weight loss program, it is important for you to find out more on the side effects of HCG diet. HCG weight loss side effects are listed below.


Hair loss or alopecia is one of HCG weight loss side effects. A 500 calories perday diet is strongly implemented in the HCG weight loss program. This will lead to nutritional deficiency and can cause hair loss. Aside from that, hormonal changes can also cause hair loss.

Skin rash

Skin rash. This is one of the typical HCG weight loss side effects. Irritated skin and itching can be experienced by a lot of women who are taking HCG injections for weight loss.

Body Malaise

Food cravings is usually common for people who are taking the HCG diet plan since the plan strongly suggests a very low caloric diet. Light-headedness, headaches, and body malaise are just some of the severe health problems from the given diet plan. Other HCG weight loss side effects would include blood clotting problems, depression, mood swings, and water retention.


For people following an HCG weight loss plan, they may experience pregnancy symptoms such as edema in hands and feet, breast tenderness, and water retention. This life-threatening condition would include the following symptoms – nausea, excess urination, vomiting, breathing difficulty, as well as weight gain.

Now you have a complete overview of possible HCG weight loss side effects. For more information, these side effects have been tackled in many researches today. Still, the best weight loss plan to have is through having an adequate work out, lifestyle changes, and sensible diet.

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