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´╗┐Chinese Herbal Medicine For Hair Loss


Chinese herbal medicine hair loss treatments include alternative techniques such as massage and meditation in addition to herbal formulations that are designed to help hair re-grow. One of the most common herbs used is the root of a common vine, polygoni multiflorum also known as Foti or He Shou Wu (Old Mr. He). The common name of Old Mr. He refers to a story about an older villager who became lost in the woods. It is said that he survived by eating the root of polygoni multiflorum. When he was finally rescued by members of his village, his white hair had turned black and his youthful appearance and vitality had returned. This story has made polygoni multiflorum the traditional herb for Chinese herbal medicine hair loss formulas.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss happens when the flow of blood to the scalp is compromised. This is known as a blood deficiency and happens when the blood lacks nourishing components. The Chinese herbal medicine hair loss belief is that healthy hair depends on an abundant flow of qi which is the body's energies, electrical, chemical, magnetic and radiant properties. A constrained flow of qi happens when stress and emotional constraint are present. This restricts the flow of blood and qi to the chest, neck, shoulders, face and head according to the Chinese. The flow can be restored through the use of alternative herbal medicine such as massage, meditation, relaxation techniques and herbal formulations. Besides blood flow and qi, sometimes genetic factors such as weak or tiny blood vessels can play a part in hair loss.

Herbs for external use

If you prefer not to take a medicine internally, there are external options for Chinese herbal medicine hair loss. Aloe vera, onion, red pepper and safflower oil are popular herbal remedies for hair loss that are used externally. Aloe vera gel activates the production of nitric oxide. Aloe vera gel also contains an enzyme known as superoxide dismutane. Together these two substances stimulate hair re-growth. Aloe vera gel is especially effective on men who are losing their hair due to the male pattern type of baldness. Allium cepa, commonly known as an onion, has a high sulfer content which is believed to help hair heal. Red pepper, when used on the scalp, is believed to help draw blood and nutrients to the scalp. It is believed this helps encourage the release of histamines which help to stimulate cell division and hair growth. Safflower oil is believed to help dilate the blood vessels which allows more blood and nutrients to reach the hair follicle.

Chinese herbal medicine hair loss techniques have been used for centuries but whether they will work in your case is not known. However historical data seems to prove there is a pretty good chance that they will.