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Healthy Diet

Reclaim Your Strength With A Healthy Diet

If you are like many Americans, you have turned to fast-food and drive-through eating to save time and manage your busy life. As we rush to meet the demands of our contemporary lives, we are overpowered and disempowered by our own choices.

We already know that a healthy diet, combined with exercise, can help prevent numerous illnesses and life-threatening diseases. The evidence is pervasive and continues to mount. Yet in the face of all the evidence, we still choose the convenience of a nutritionally deficient diet over a healthy diet. We function on the threshold of exhaustion and illness, reducing--one day at a time—our chances for a longer, better life of health and strength. It is as if we have lost our power to act in our own best interest. How did we come to believe that it's all right to give up our choices for health and power when we are busy, tired, and stressed?

It's time to reclaim our power. We can do it by starting and staying on a healthy diet—for life. Ask the hard questions, make the right choices, and follow proven strategies. You will be surprised how quickly your power returns.

Ask the hard questions

- Do I know the price of not choosing a healthy diet? Am I prepared to pay it?

- Am I comfortable with the examples I am setting for the younger ones in my family? Am I guilty of a do-as-I-say not do-as-I-do diet?

- Can I afford to procrastinate or remain in denial about my poor dietary choices?

- When and how will I begin to change?

Make the right choices

- Abandon the bland, lifeless world of bleached four, refined sugar, and transfats.

- Choose the vibrant color, texture, and variety of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

- Choose fish or lean meats from animals raised in humane and sanitary conditions.

- Choose whole grains—rice, pasta, and breads are getting better and better. You don't have to sacrifice taste for health.

- Stop buying products with a list of ingredients that read like a science experiment. Artificial flavors, colors, and other additives do not help and may eventually harm you.

Follow proven strategies

- Let the voices of experience inspire and guide you. The strategies for starting and staying on a healthy diet have been around for a long time. Now that health has moved to the forefront of national news, you will find more options than ever to fit your lifestyle and budget.

- Be patient with yourself. Take a few small steps in a healthier direction and don't let missteps dampen your determination. Starting and maintaining a healthy diet is possible for anyone.

Remember: You have the power to choose what is best for you, the power to improve your health, and the power to strengthen your body and mind. Reclaim your power with a healthy diet and be grateful in advance for the impact it will have on your life.