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Hair Loss

How to Keep Your Self-Esteem High While Losing Your Hair


Having hair is not nearly as important as feeling good about yourself, no matter what you look like. If you have started to lose your hair, it would not be surprising if your hair loss is beginning to affect your self-esteem. If this is the case for you, you should continue reading this article to learn how to be confident, with or without hair.

If you feel down about your hair loss it is a good idea to let others know how you feel. Talking it out with others will help you to understand that hair loss is a normal part of many people's lives and should not be taken too seriously. A good friend or family member is going to tell you the things that you need to hear to lift your spirits and put perspective on the matter. If you have anyone in your life that sees this as a good opportunity to poke fun at you, let them know that you do not think it is funny. If they continue anyway, you should consider removing them from your life. People like that are just around to use you to make themselves feel better and do not deserve your time.

If you are concerned that your hair loss might be preventable or reversible you should speak with your doctor. He or she will know what you can do, and once you know that you have tried all of the options, you can come to terms with your hair loss. If your doctor does make recommendations on life changes you should make, you should adhere to them strictly so that you know that your hair loss is not your fault.

If you still find that your self-esteem is suffering due to your reaction to your hair loss you should think about joining a support group. Being able to talk with others in the same situation will help you to learn that you are not alone and that losing your hair is not the end of the world. It will also give you an outlet to share your experiences and feelings, which is a great release from the stress related to losing your hair. Anytime you express how you feel about something you are letting yourself release those feelings.

Losing your hair does not mean that you can not look great. You should visit your stylist and ask him or her what ideas they have to help you to make the most of what hair you do have. You can also improve your look in other ways, like updating your wardrobe or trying new makeup techniques, which can help to take your mind off of your hair loss.

Hair loss can be very stressful and can put your self-esteem at risk if you let it, but as you read in the article above, you do not have to let this happen. Take control of your situation and make the most of what you have using the information in the article above.