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Hair Loss

Putting a Stop to Hair Loss Naturally

Hair loss can happen to anyone at any time, affecting almost 40% of the population. One of the problems with hair loss is not being able to easily identify the cause. There are different reasons for individual hair loss. The most common reasons have been generally researched in this article, along with addressing simple and natural ways to deal with them.

Nutrition is one of the easiest, natural ways to prevent hair loss. Also, the same nutrition which maintains your healthy hair will also keep the rest of your body healthy year round. Eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables will help maintain the health of your hair. It is well known that nutritional deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss.

Regular washing of hair with a gentle shampoo will go a long way towards preventing hair loss. You will be maintaining your scalp and hair clean, thereby preventing infection or fungus growth on your scalp. Keep in mind to avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals and if at all possible, use a chemical free, natural shampoo.

If you have noticed more hair loss lately, your hairstyle could be the culprit. Various hair accessories, such as clips, rubber bands and even hair pins make cause severe hair breakage. The reason is these are used for holding your hair in place tightly and they create tension for your hair. This can result in your hair easily breaking off. Many experts recommend limiting the use of accessories for your hair. They suggest when using accessories, to utilize hair pins which have bald ends, clips having rubber padding and ties made of fabric in place of regular rubber bands.

Limit the use of hair dryers. High heat exposure from dryers is severely damaging for your hair. When placing your blow dryer near your wet hair it may boil water around the hair shaft. This may cause hair to become brittle. In order to reduce the risk of damage to your hair and avoid hair loss, whenever possible allow your hair to air dry. If you must use the blow dryer, put it on the cold setting.

Make sure to consume more protein. Not only are our muscles made up of protein, but also our skin, nails, and hair. If you want to maintain and promote the healthy growth of your hair, obtaining enough protein in your diet is essential. Research studies have shown when you do not get enough protein in your diet the hair life cycle is disrupted, causing your hair to start falling off within three months.

According to may dermatologists, too much hair grooming will damage hair causing break offs. Excessively brushing your hair is something you should monitor and limit the times you do so. One of the best ways to improve your hair health is actually leaving it alone as much as you can.

By following the suggestions in this article, you will be able to prevent much of the hair loss and damage caused daily to your hair. These natural ways to deal with hair loss will not cost much in terms of time or money, but contribute in many ways to keeping your hair healthy.