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Hair Loss

Things You Can do Today to Stop Losing Your Hair

If you have been losing your hair, you are probably panicking to some degree and feel badly about it. Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure you keep hair on your head. This article contains information you need to make sure you do not lose any more hair. Keep reading for some hair loss tips you can start using today!

1. Get rid of your stress. You might think that is a funny thing to say and not something that is grounded in any sort of medical fact. However, it has been proven through many studies that stress can affect you in a very real way. Prolonged periods of stress can contribute to a number of physical issues; that is fact. If you do not find a way to relax or to handle your stress in a healthy way, you will continue to lose your hair.

2. Get enough sleep. As with stress, people seem to discount sleep as something that has any affect on hair. As with stress, it is true. Sleep is the time of day when your body works best at restoring itself. If you rob your body of sleep, it cannot repair itself as well. In fact, your body recognizes lack of sleep as a major stresser and will be more likely to shed hair as a result.

3. Drink water throughout the day. Water is in all of your cells. If you fail to drink enough of it, is it any surprise that your cells will not work as well, causing your hair to fall out? You must be very careful to have enough water. That does not mean drinking lots of other beverages. In fact, some are diuretics, so you will in fact be losing water. It is also crucial to be sure your water is clean, because some water sources are contaminated with things like lead and selenium, which can be bad for your hair.

4. Get a new haircut. In addition to eating right and taking care of your body, it can be enormously good for you to spend a day at the hair stylist or barber. Instead of continuing forward with the same haircut and less hair, try something new. You may feel so good about your look afterwards that you are more comfortable with your hair.

5. Avoid using heat to dry your hair. Heat can be bad for your hair since it strips your hair of moisture, ultimately making it more likely snap and break off. Air dry your hair, keep your hair moist by using healthy oils on your hair and scalp, and stay away from heat.

6. Do not use styling products with alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate. These two substances can be dangerous to your hair and should be avoided at all costs. They dry your hair out, and are not healthy to put all over your precious hair.

If you want to stop losing your hair, there are a lot of things you can do that are natural and simple. Keep your hopes up, and heed the tips in this article, so that you can live your life more happily, with hair!