Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

What is Causing Your Hair Loss Problem?

Losing your hair is a natural thing as you age, but perhaps some factors are influencing your hair loss.

Losing your hair might be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. If you started losing a lot of hair and have never encountered this issue before, you should go to your doctor as soon as possible. Get a complete physical examination and some blood work done. If you are ill, your hair loss problem should go away after you recover. Your blood work might show that you need more vitamins in your diet; ask your doctor for advice on nutrition and supplements.

Are you under a lot of stress? Anxiety and stress can cause hair loss. Take some time off your job and look into relaxation techniques to manage your stress. Do not let small things cause you too much stress and stay away from situations you cannot handle if possible. Talk to your doctor about your stress; perhaps there are medications you could take or new activities you could try to relax. Joining a yoga class, spending more time outside, going out with your friends and looking for a new hobby could help you reduce your stress level and slow down your hair loss.

Are you constantly touching your hair? If you feel nervous or insecure about your hair, you might have developed the habit of touching your hair constantly or combing it. Style your hair in the morning but leave it alone for the rest of the day. Avoid using hair care products such as gels or mousses; the chemicals from these products could damage your hair. You should also avoid styling your hair backward or too tightly; this could damage the roots and make your hair fall off. You should also know that wearing any kind of hat will speed up the hair loss process, although it is a good way to conceal your bald spot.

Wash your hair regularly with a quality shampoo. Select a product with vitamins and organic ingredients. Apply a hair mask to strengthen your hair or use an egg to provide your hair with more proteins. If you are a man, do not hesitate to use hair care products designed for women; look for quality products that will treat your hair gently. Avoid dying your hair or using products with too many chemicals. Test different products and monitor the results closely to find out which products actually strengthen your hair.

Look into hair loss treatments such as Rogaine. There are several products available on the market; read reviews and compare prices and ingredients before you purchase one. Make sure you follow instructions carefully and wait a few months before trying a different product. You should also start massaging your scalp gently for a few minutes every day. This should strengthen your roots and slow down the hair loss.

Try these different tips and do more research on hair loss. You should eventually find something that works for your hair loss problem.

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