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Hair Loss

Dealing With Hair Loss

At the surface, hair loss seems like it may be a purely cosmetic issue. After all, hair loss is not associated with any underlying disease, it causes no physical pain and certainly is not a disease. However, for many people, this change to their image causes an emotional blow. Many people define themselves through their appearance, and dealing with a change to their image is the same as dealing with a change to their personality. This article is meant to provide you with some basic information on dealing emotionally and practically with your hair loss.

The first thing that you must deal with is the that fact that hair loss is rarely something that can be reversed or 'cured.' There are a few treatments that have been clinically shown to stop or slow hair loss, and there are prescription drugs that claim the same, however, these treatments are not effective for all men. Accepting that you may lose more of your hair is a difficult concept, but living in denial can lead to even more emotional problems.

There are a few treatments on the market that claim they can help prevent further hair loss. These treatments are typically only effective for certain types of baldness and they are not effective on one hundred percent of test subjects. Before you begin any treatments, you should consult reputable web sites like consumer reports or others that can offer you unbiased reports on the effectiveness of these treatments. You should also consult a doctor before beginning any treatment. Though it is not overwhelmingly probable, one of these treatments may help stop your hair loss.

Believe it or not, there are support groups for people dealing with hair loss. Many people find it difficult to deal with and can become frustrated with unsympathetic friends and family members. These groups allow you to reveal your emotions in a safe place and allow you to discuss your feelings with people that know exactly what you are going through.

Don't be shy about discussing your hair loss with your family physician. There are prescription drugs available that combat hair loss. Only by having a frank and open discussion with a doctor will you find out if any of these options are open to you.

Some studies indicate there may be a link between high stress levels and accelerated hair loss. You should look into relaxation exercises and stress management to help reduce your stress levels. By avoiding high stress scenarios and learning to better deal with the stress threat you do encounter in your every day life, you may be able to slow or stop your hair loss.

Hopefully, after reading this article you should realize that you are not alone in your struggle to deal with hair loss. Many people are going through the same challenges you are and there are opportunities available to prevent further hair loss and deal with any emotional issues you may have with your hair loss. Only try remedies that have credible science behind them and always know that help is available to you.