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Kettlebell Swings – The Best Fat Burning Exercise

Almost any overweight person would be searching online for the best fat burning exercise. More often than not, this group of people (who comprise the majority actually) are searching for the best fat burning exercise. Although there are many types of exercise routines that individuals can choose from, people want something different. Besides, overweight people can’t simply start running lest they hurt their knees for carrying so much weight. On the other hand, kettlebell workout can be considered as an alternative best fat burning exercise. Here are some good points why one should purse kettlebell swinging:

  • Kettlebell swinging is an intense routine that can help your body to get in shape. Unlike weight lifting where movements are quite isolated, kettlebell swinging involves major areas of the body. Some areas engaged in the routines are back, arms, torso, legs, and hamstrings. In fact, the fundamental movement in this program is swinging the kettlebells which is part of almost any routine. The arms would be responsible for swinging the kettlebells away but the lower body parts such as glutes would bring the force to the action. Since you engage large muscle groups of your body, fat loss is enhanced.
  • When a person swings kettlebells, it’s as good as a cardio workout. This makes it as the best fat burning exercise because it involves carrying some weights and doing cardio as well. The action resembles that of running while carrying weights. Some kettlebell routines such as snatches can be very exhausting considering that you need to repeat it 20 times without pausing. This has contributed a lot to improving the performance of sprinters in competitions. Actually, a 15-minute routine can make you drench in sweat as compared to an hour in the treadmill.
  • Ketllebell routines help you build muscles. At first, the routines would tone your triceps, biceps and the abdominals. Afterwards, lower body areas like glutes and hamstrings would also be toned too. Weight loss occurs as the body starts developing muscles. Kettlebell swinging can be very effective when performed right after waking up-when glycogen stores are low.

Indeed, if you need the best fat burning exercise that provides challenge-swing kettlebells. By the way, start with a set that you can’t easily carry to ensure that you get a good workout.

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