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´╗┐Wellness Can Be Achieved By Anyone

Very few people enjoy feeling and looking run down, but they think the time necessary to attain wellness is not possible to spare. Fortunately, achieving an overall state of wellness isn't an impossibility and it doesn't necessarily take a lot of time.

To strive for wellness, a person must first understand exactly what it is. Wellness doesn't necessarily mean having to look like a bodybuilder or having the ability to run a marathon without getting winded. Rather, it is a balance of mind, spirit and body that creates as sense of well being in an individual. This means attaining personal goals and feeling at peace.

While a championship weight lifting ability isn't necessary to attain overall health, wellness does involve exercise and diet for the mind and body both. The components that combine to make the state of wellness possible are exercise, diet and spiritual/mental well being.


As it's already been said, an Iron Man competition win doesn't define this component. Striving for a personal best while providing fitness for the major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system is generally more than good enough on this count. Whether it's running, swimming, aerobics or a weight lifting workout that's used as exercise, the point is to just get up and move. When the body is properly treated, it can impact everything from outlook to health itself.


A smart, well-balanced diet feeds the body and provides the fuel necessary for it to do its job. The key here is to eat right, most of the time, and avoid over-eating or over-indulging. It's okay to splurge once in a while. Sometimes that's just good for the soul.


The better a person feels about themselves and the world around them, the more likely they are to be able to attain a sense of well being and wellness. This doesn't mean having to live in a utopia either. All it means is being at peace on the inside. Whether this comes from religious beliefs, personal drive or just a willingness to accept things that can't be changed and change those that can doesn't matter. What does is being able to find a personal peace and satisfaction with the world and a person's place in it.

Wellness is a pretty subjective term, but those who strive for it find it requires balance of diet, exercise and mental well-being, as well. Attaining this state isn't impossible. It's just a matter of working toward a personal best rather than trying to beat out someone else.