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If you are looking for a place to exercise and receive personal training and you live in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, or South Florida area, you might want to consider attending a Fitness First Health Club. These clubs feature health and fitness centers which offer a variety of options in health and fitness equipment in addition to classes where you can expand your horizons and achieve your fitness goals. Fitness First Health Clubs offer exciting fitness options including yoga training, Pilates, aerobics, cardiovascular training, and even spinning classes (which uses a special exercise bike), and it's all included with your paid membership. Of course, this isn't all that's available to you in a Fitness First Health Club; consider some of the following amenities to help you decide whether or not a Fitness First Health Club would meet your fitness and training needs.

A Variety of Locations

With 19 different locations in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and Florida, there is likely a Fitness First Health Club close to where you live or work. While Fitness First isn't the largest chain of health clubs in the nation, the staff at these fitness centers works hard to help ensure that it's one of the best. As the chain continues to grow, you can expect each new location to have the same dedicated staff, in-depth classes and activities, and top-notch equipment that has become synonymous with the existing Fitness First Health Club locations.

Activities and Equipment

No fitness center would be of much use to you without great equipment and a variety of fun and exciting activities to participate in, and this is an area where Fitness First Health Clubs excels. The clubs pride themselves in featuring the latest equipment, classes, and activities, and they're adding new and exciting things all the time. With well over 100 different classes offered among all of their locations, there will always be something to do that will help to make getting fit fun while minimizing the time that it takes to get into the shape that you want to be in.


One other major consideration that you should keep in mind when considering joining one of these clubs is the fitRewards program that is offered in addition to the activities within the club itself. With two different fitRewards membership levels, you can choose the rewards plan that's right for you. Earning points with fitRewards is easy, and the points that you earn can be exchanged for great prizes just for continuing to work toward your established fitness goals.