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Plastic surgery, especially in the face is really demanding. People are always expecting a subtle yet appreciable result. That's the main reason why eyelid surgeons are striving hard to give their patients a very satisfying result, specifically, a natural and more youthful appearance. If you are living in Georgia, you can always find local plastic surgeons that are board certified and dedicated in giving you an enhanced appearance through various forms of surgery including rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast implant, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a process of removing fat as well as excess skin and muscles from the upper and lower lids of the eyes. This procedure can correct those drooping upper eyelids and the puffy bags just below the eyes. The mentioned facial features can make an individual look older and more tired, and worse, they can even obstruct your vision. After the surgery and the recovery period, your eyes will become less droopy, with minimal bags and you'll surely look more refreshed. However, blepharoplasty isn't intended to eliminate dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles, sagging eyebrows as well as ethnic characteristics.

If you are considering eyelid surgery, you need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of the surgery procedures as well as the results that you can anticipate. Consulting your surgeon weeks or days before the surgery is a must. In your initial consultation, you should honestly tell the doctor what you want to improve. This way, your plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if your expectations can be achieved realistically. Among the eye conditions that can be remedied by eyelid surgery in Georgia are:

- Extraneous skin and wrinkles in your lower eyelid
- Excess skin which obscures the normal fold of your eyes' upper lids
- Loose skin from your upper eyelids that perhaps, blocks or impair your vision
- A puffy look of your upper eyelids which makes you appear more fatigued
- Droopiness of the lower lids of your eyes

Eyelid surgery can be performed to correct the said problems. However, some of these eye conditions can be better remedied by considering other treatments. Due to different factors and individual differences, not everyone will obtain the same outcome from your eyelid surgery in Georgia. Your plastic surgeon will choose the surgical method that will give the best result for you.

People who are psychologically stable and physically healthy can undergo eyelid surgery in Georgia. There are some individuals who have inherited features and eyelid problems which cause them to have such treatment in their early age.

Several health conditions can make your eyelid surgery more risky. Among these medical conditions are:

- Dry eye
- Thyroid problems
- Cardiovascular disease
- High blood pressure
- Circulatory disorders
- Diabetes
- Glaucoma

All forms of surgery carry some doubts and risk, and Georgia eyelid surgery isn't an exemption. These possible complications, however, can be very minimal if the surgery procedures will be done by a board certified and qualified surgeon. Even so, the probability of complications, such as infection, is always there. These risks can be reduced by strictly following the instructions given by the surgeon before and after the surgery.