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´╗┐Review Of Herbal Diet Programs

Herbal diet programs can offer a variety of benefits to the individual looking to lose weight.

Herbal Magic offers their Quick Loss Plus program to help individuals lose weight. This herbal diet program balances a sensible diet with natural supplements to increasing energy, maintaining an effective metabolism, and supporting the body. Their program gives the individual flexibility, one on one support, supplementation, stabilization, and maintenance. Their goal is to change you and your lifestyle.

Herbal Life's Shape Works is an herbal diet program designed to help individuals lose weight. Individuals are supposed to substitute two meals for protein shakes supplied by Herbal Life. The third meal is actual food. At each meal individuals take two cell activator capsules and a multivitamin. This program is designed for long term success. However for those individuals needing a quick boost to their weight loss, Herbal Life offers a quick three day program called La Bamba to speed along an individual's weight loss goals.

Trimspa is an herbal diet program designed to help individuals lose weight. Trimspa recommends taking four pills a day to lose weight. Trimspa contains the ingredient Hoodia, which is an appetite suppressant. Using this herbal diet program may cause some individuals to experience anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, and restlessness. Trimspa may cause some interactions with medications. It is recommended that individuals drink lots of water with taking this supplement. Trimspa works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Wu Long Tea is an herbal diet program that promotes healthy weight loss by drinking tea. The theory behind this diet program is that it increase metabolism much better than its counterpart green tea. This program claims it can help individuals lose fat in thirty days. The first effect this diet program has is that it burns fat for individuals. Wu Long tea contains polyphenols which dissolve triglycerides, and boosts fat burning. This tea also elevates metabolism increasing the fat burning process for individuals. The second effect of this diet program is that slows down the ageing process for individuals. This tea contains antioxidants which slow down free radicals that destroy the body because of stress, pollution, and processed foods. These free radicals cause wrinkles, age spots, cancer, Alzheimers, dementia, arthritis, inflammatory disease, and heart disease. Other benefits to drinking this tea are that it promotes better skin, it enhances an individual's immune system, it whitens teeth, it enhances mind body wellness, and it is all natural and organic. This herbal diet program won the diet award for 2006-2007. Atkins won this award last year.

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