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´╗┐Weight Loss Diets For Every Individual


Finding the right weight loss diet is not difficult; there are many choices available to the individual. From low carb to vegetarian there is a weight loss diet out there for every person.

The Mayo Clinic diet is a weight loss diet that is non-restrictive about foods the individual can eat. The plan allows for individuals to eat unlimited amounts of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, beans, fish, low-fat dairy, whole grain carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats especially nuts, olive oil, and canola oil. This diet recommends eating grapefruit to help start the fat burning process. The idea is for individuals to eat foods high in fat to limit hunger. The individual is encouraged to eat until they feel full. Exercise is at the center of this diet because of its health benefits. With this diet, an individual's risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is reduced, along with that individual's goal for weight loss.

The Mediterranean diet is a weight loss diet, which aims to improve an individual's health. The diet is about being a low fat high energy diet. Individuals eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, pasta, rice, and seeds. Olive oil is a major component of cooking. Low fat dairy products are used in moderation. Animal proteins are not a major component of this diet plan. There are very few dietary restrictions. Individuals are encouraged to spend time preparing and enjoying small meals. Physical activity is not a part of this diet. This weight loss diet is about gradual changes helping individuals slowly change their amount of intake.

The Sonoma Diet is a weight loss diet, which is about helping the individual lose weight by portion control. This diet comes in three waves. The first wave lasts ten days, and is about changing an individual's bad eating habits, which include sugars and refined flour products. Wave two is where an individual stays for the weight loss portion of the diet. Wave three is all about weight maintenance. There are no food restrictions. This diet seeks to change portion sizes, by focusing more on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats for consumption. Huge portion sizes are not allowed. Individuals use a seven inch plate or a two cup bowl for breakfast, and a nine inch plate for lunch and dinner. Exercise is not a proponent of this weight loss diet plan.

There are a variety of weight loss diets available to each individual based on their needs, wants, and goals for weight loss; this will aid these individuals in their weight loss successes.