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Raw Diet For Health and Weight Loss

The raw diet for health and weight loss could be the way to go if you want to lose weight while also increasing your energy and switching to a more natural way of eating.

The raw diet for health and weight loss can help you to lose weight naturally without even trying. That sounds like the worst kind of ad, I know, but it’s true – in a way. You don’t have to count calories or run marathons to lose weight with a purely raw diet – your body should naturally settle at a healthy weight – but the diet itself is not easy to stick to. You need a lot of enthusiasm to stay with the raw lifestyle.

The good news is that many people find that eating raw gives them the energy and spiritual strength to continue. Once you have eaten a purely raw diet for health and weight loss for a couple of weeks, you will have sampled the benefits that raw food can bring and you will probably not want to stop!

Be sure to give yourself plenty of variety by changing around the raw foods that you eat and trying new recipes at least a couple of times a week (more often in the beginning). This will help you to keep on track. The raw way of eating is a restricted diet so you must also be sure to cover all of your nutritional requirements. The simplest way to do this is to log in to a site like and track your eating there.

You may find that it is difficult to satisfy all of the daily requirements for vitamins and minerals on a raw diet – but if you complete the diary with the average person’s regular meat-eating cooked diet, you will probably find the same is true. Many people assume that they get all of the nutrients they need on a standard Western diet, when in fact they don’t. The best solution to nutritional deficiencies, if you do not mind a slight deviation from the pure raw diet for health and weight loss, is to take supplements for any vitamins and minerals that are lacking in your raw diet.

Many people want to increase their energy levels, improve their weight and drop a few pounds without becoming a raw food fanatic. If you do not want to go 100% raw at this time, you may want to pick a partially raw diet for health and weight loss. Most people do this by eating 100% raw at one or two meals per day and then having some cooked food at dinner. This can still have a lot of the benefits of eating raw food but be aware that the benefits can vary hugely depending on what type of cooked food you eat.

If you have fruit for breakfast, a big salad or other raw option for lunch, and then have vegetable soup or a meat-free hotpot with rice and pulses for dinner, you should see some health benefits including weight loss if you are overweight. But if you are having two raw meals a day and then going out for a hamburger with super size fries every night, followed by a pint of ice cream in front of the TV, you are not going to lose weight so easily!

Of course, if you have any health issues you should consult with a doctor before starting on a raw diet for health and weight loss.

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